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David H. Fox Island, WA July, 2016
I contacted Simply Leak Detection due to a long time underground water leak in our irrigation system. We set up a date, and Mike arrived on time and ready to roll. Never having dealt with a leak detection service before, I was very interested to see if the process would actually work. After about 3 hours of very thorough work, Mike located the leak, and marked the spot so my irrigation company could repair it. Three days later, the irrigation company came out and started to dig down to the underground water leak. As it turned out, the leak was about 4 and a half feet down, and the leaking pipe was underneath a septic line. It was a difficult fix, but after 3 and a half hours, the leak was repaired. We would NEVER have found the leak without SLD, because the leaking water never reached the surface of the ground, and it ran downslope. Bottom line, money well spent, and the leak was EXACTLY where Mike said it would be. If I ever have a need for leak detection again, SLD will get the call. You can depend on him. I did, and I will. Dave H. Fox Island, Wa.
Robert G. WA April, 2016
Mike was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and thorough. He showed up on time and explained the steps he was going to take to detect where our water line leak was. He was able to pinpoint exactly where the leak was in about an hour and advised on the next steps we needed to take to fix the leak–calling 811 and referring us to Warden Construction who could repair the leak. (Ryan at Warden Construction was also easy to work with and very knowledgeable). The one thing that stood out for me was that Mike really does have the customer’s interest at the forefront of his work and was honest and forthright. Mike genuinely cares and that made a stressful situation a lot easier. Thank you Mike!
Ry W. Washington March, 2016
I use Mike with Simply Leak Detection on a regular basis. He is extremely accurate and does everything possible to determine the best possible locate. This saves the customer, and myself as a utility contractor time and money. Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, Mike is the only leak detection service we use. Highly recommend him, he can save lots of money and guess work.
Josh D. Washington March, 2016
I have worked for several years with Simply Leak Detection and they always give excellent service finding the leaks, marking appropriately, making the homeowner and myself able to repair the leak asap. If you have a leak and can’t find it I highly recommend, Simply Leak Detection, you won’t be disappointed!
Anthony M. Graham, WA February 26th, 2016
On time/early for the appointment! Kind and courteous and also very experienced and didn’t drain my wallet for the job. Now to dig it up and repair! Thanks
Bill C. Lakewood, WA December 21st, 2015
It was my first time using Simply Leak Detection. They helped me find out where the water was leaking 100 ft from my home. He found the leak incredibly fast but I was mildly satisfied with their pricing. If I have to use them again I will. Also, I would definitely recommend them to a friend or family member!
Alice T. Auburn, WA December 11th, 2015
Simply Leak Detection was very good. They came out to my house, I had a leak between the street and my house at probably 150 feet. He was able to located it basically within 40 to 45 min, he even let me see check out where it was at, which was very neat. Fortunately he found the leak, unfortunately, I decided not to do the repair. I decided to run a new line instead. But at least he took the time to explain my options so I could decide what to do. I called them and he was able to come to my house that day. He was very quick and fast to come so I didn’t have a problem with the price.
Jill W. Bellevue, WA December 7th, 2015
We called Simply Leak Detection when there was water coming from underneath our property and they found the leak very quickly. They were reliable and very quick, we were able to call a plumber after they detected the leak and have the problem fixed soon after. Great service!
Dan L. Buckley, WA November 13th, 2015
We had a leak in the water line, and it was quite a long distance from the meter to the house. We knew the leak was somewhere in between, and Simply Leak Detection pinpointed it. He marked the spot with an X, I dug down, and that was exactly where it was. He showed me all the equipment and he really brought me in to the experience. He even let me listen to the equipment to hear where the leak was. He uses all the latest equipment and he explained everything thoroughly. He back-fed helium through the pipe, and he has special equipment that smells helium called a sniffer. The helium rises through the ground pretty easily, so he pinpointed the leak that way. He also used a listening device to hear where the leak was- so he pinpointed it by listening and using the sniffer. He validated where he thought it was in two different ways. When I called him, he came out in a few days because it was a holiday. He was very courteous and clean. He came in, did his job, explained everything, and I’m very happy. At that price, instead of digging up my whole yard, it was priceless. I heard about him because my neighbor had used him before and recommended him to me. He was very courteous, conscientious, and trustworthy. I have already recommended them and I am very happy with the service.
Rick W. Olympia, WA October 30th, 2015
Simply Leak Detection found a water leak in my yard that I was unable to. He was on time, professional, and knowledgeable. He was able to identify the leak fairly quickly, and answered all of my questions. The cost was a little higher than I would have liked. That said, they saved me possibly thousands of dollars if I would have had to dig up the yard.
Terry B. Seattle, WA October 27th, 2015
The person who came out for Simply Leak Detection was able to identify a leak in my surface line within the first twenty minutes. I have some construction and plumbing experience, and I thought he was very knowledgeable and professional. It was easy to schedule an appointment with them and he arrived on time. I was referred to them by another plumbing company, and he did great work. He pointed me in the right direction once he was finished.
Stewart P. Covington, WA October 16th, 2015
Professional, polite, courteous, and expedient. While I cringe at the price at first, my sanity and poor back were deeply in question after digging hole after hole after hole with no success. In only a few minutes he zeroed in on the leak, and now has saved me at least $1500 dollars in plumbers fees. Thanks Michael, worth the cost in the end! Would not hesitate to have you again!
Bruce B. Renton, WA October 8th, 2015
The service guy from Simply Leak Detection rearranged his schedule so that we could have our water leak taken care of sooner. There was leak in between the house and road underground. He was able to bring the plumber, locate the leak, and fix it. He was very friendly and went out of his way to help us out.
Stewart P. WA October, 2015
Great guy! Fast, polite and professional. New go guy for my list of Pro’s. Thanks Michael!
Marlene W. Puyallup, WA September 25th, 2015
The service guy from Simply Leak Detection rearranged his schedule so that we could have our water leak taken care of sooner. There was leak in between the house and road underground. He was able to bring the plumber, locate the leak, and fix it. He was very friendly and went out of his way to help us out.
Drew S. Seattle, WA September 3rd, 2015
I hope I never have to recommend Simply Leak Detection but would. They are capable and affable people. They did what they said they would do, and in this kind of emergency they’ll take care of things very handily.
Jeff G. Washington September, 2015
Mike’s location was exactly on target! A plum-line dropped from the marked leak location would’ve been within an inch through four feet of blue-clay. I can’t imagine how costly the process would’ve been without such an accurate leak location.
Jason F. WA September, 2015
Mike showed up right on time on this bright sunny day and was just as eager as I was to find the leak that has been hissing through the house and running our meter day and might for over 2 weeks (I should have called sooner!). He wasted no time and got right to his work and successfully pin-pointed the problem location (3′ down and luckily not under the slab foundation) within 20-30 minutes. Mike stuck around to confirm during and after excavation for that visual YES moment. Simply Leak Detection is very professional, thorough and truly wants YOU to be satisfied and have peace of mind. Thank You!
Greg C. Washington September, 2015
Mike from Simply Leak Detection did an amazing job! He was very thorough and professional and ultimately ended up saving me a ton of time and money. Mike identified the exact spot where the leak was. When I started to dig at the spot he marked I unexpectedly ended up hitting asphalt a couple of feet down (which explains why the helium detection didn’t work). Once I broke through the asphalt I was worried that not knowing it was there may have thrown off the location detection but I kept digging nonetheless. after a couple more feet I was about to give up and move to the right or left and viola! water started bubbling up into the hole. I shut the water off and hand dug the hole until I located the pipe (just a few more inches). When I uncovered the pipe, the leak was right there! I literally only uncovered about 6 inches of pipe! I couldn’t have done this without the expertise of Simply Leak Detection. Worth every penny!
Bill P. Sammamish, WA August 27th, 2015
Simply Leak Detection did what they said they were going to do. They found a leak. That’s all I wanted them to do and that’s what they did.
Nancy K. Seattle, WA August 21st, 2015
We have some fairly old piping at our house and recently began experiencing some signs of possible leakage. We called Simply Leak Detection to check it out, and sure enough Mike (the guy they sent over) was able to sniff out the leak. He tried to patch it, but as soon as he managed to another leak sprang up! He was down on his belly in the driveway, doing everything he could to take care of it, but in the end he slapped a band aid on the problem and told us frankly that we could save a lot of money by just having the main replaced. We’re looking forward to getting a new water main, and are very grateful to Mike for both trying his best to fix the problem and not hesitating to recommend a more effective way to fix the leak than his company could supply.
Joe F. Puyallup, WA August 19th, 2015
We called Simply Leak Detection to find the location of the water leak underground. The guy came out when he said he would. He was an efficient, nice guy and easy to talk to. We received all the information we needed about the leak to contact a plumber to get it fixed. He did a good, efficient job and answered all our questions.
J P. Olympia, WA March 19th, 2015
Called Mike about a leak that was showing up in the water bill, it tripled! Mike offered his services to come out and fix the problem but first wanted to trouble shoot some with me over the phone to see if I could determine the problem instead. After my explanation to him he gave me task. Put food coloring in the back of the toilet bowls to see if they were leaking at night when the water pressure builds. Sure enough Mike was right! I rebuilt the toilets and problem fixed. I really appreciate Mike for saving me money. I would highly recommend Mike and his company! He showed he cared to help and its not all about the money. Thank you Mike!
Terry L. Seattle, WA January 30th, 2015
We had an underground leak somewhere on our drive way. Mike used his detection equipment to find the leak. He spotted and we dugged down four feet below his marking. The leak came from a water join connection. Mike’s work was an important part to the repair. Bottom line, I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who has an underground water leak problem. I’m writing this because Mike deserves my vote.
Tom C. Arlington, WA June 09, 2014
This was our first time using Simply Leak Detection and we had a great experience. The technician who came did a fantastic job in and out. He was able to detect and diagnose the leak immediately and was very detailed when walking us through how we could get it repaired. He was committed to doing the job and I appreciated his expertise. I’d recommend them highly.
Ian L. Bonney Lake, WA June 02, 2014
Simply Leak Detection came by to detect a water leak for me. The guy was super nice, he answered all my questions, and did the job within 20 minutes.
Stan F. Bonney Lake, WA May 14, 2014
Simply Leak Detection was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought Michael was a great guy! He saved me a lot of money, and he did a great job. Another company told me it would cost $5,000 dollars to fix the leak they identified. It turned out they weren’t in the right area at all.
Brad B. Bonney Lake, WA April 10, 2014
Simply Leak Detection did a good job. I had a leak, and I had another company come out first. They took me completely in the wrong direction. Michael from Simply Leak Detection came out, and sure enough, the leak was right where he said it would be. I had another leak I wanted to get checked out, so I asked if he could look for that one too while he was there. He said he could check it out. It ended up being a lot harder – he had to use helium to get to it. But he found that one too. He was cheerful, friendly and informative. He walked me through everything since I was asking questions. It was a good experience, and I would say you should use him!
Clift B. Lake Taps, WA April 03, 2014
We’ve been having this leak for a long time and no one’s been able to find it. And we’ve had a couple of plumbers have come out looking for it. Simply Leak Detection comes out and it doesn’t take him long to find it. He puts a flag and paints where it is and a friend and I digs it up. It was exactly where he said it would be and we fixed it. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable.
Hillie T. Seattle, WA March 20, 2014
I had a leak in my water main that was out in the street and it was a long distance so we weren’t sure where it was. So Michael from Simply Leak Detection came out and, very diligently, went out the whole route and pinpointed exactly where it was. Couldn’t have been more spot on. After that, we had a plumber come out and fix it.
John F. Mercer Island, WA March 12, 2014
Discovered I had a leak in my water main somewhere between the meter and the house. Tried a few experimental holes with no success. Saw Some great reviews for Simply Leak Detection and called on Sunday intending to leave a message. Got a call back less than an hour later and had an appointment set up for Tuesday. Michael arrived on time and set right to work, identifying my leak in almost no time at all-not where I thought it would be. Commenced to digging and sure enough, the leak was exactly where he said it would be. Michael is very professional, engaging, friendly and informative. He clearly enjoys what he is doing and is extremely good at it-methodical, meticulous and thorough. I can’t even imagine the hours of digging I saved using his service. Look no further, this is the company you want to go with. Very competitive price from what I understand too. Can’t say enough good things about this company, and will definitely recommend them to my friends.
Steve D. Kent, WA March 05, 2014
Simply Leak Detection was absolutely excellent. We had a septic tank fail and while we were waiting to get special approval from the county to get that fixed, our main waterline service sprung a leak. With all the trees and roots in and among all of this and the fact that we were a hundred feet from the street, we had no idea where the leak would be. Simply Leak Detection came out on a Saturday and was extremely courteous. He found the leak and dug down so we could verify it, all in less than two hours. He even offered suggestions and recommendations on how to repair it. He was very good, professional, and really a great guy. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
Lee S. Tacoma, WA February 04, 2014
I had an awesome experience with Simply Leak Detection! When someone can come within an inch of finding a leak, that’s pretty doggonegood! Michael started at one of the areas and worked his way around. He ended up within an inch of where the leak was, and he really took the time to show me what he was doing. The work was for my parents, so he was okay with me taking pictures to show my parents what was done.He’s an outstanding guy!
David B. Newcastle, WA February 03, 2014
We used Simply Leak Detection for the first time. Our leak was a difficult find because it was down about five feet below the surface of a 200 foot long run. So we couldn’t really tell where it was. It’s substantial territory, but Michael did it. And he did it very well. He seemed knowledgeable, and he had all the implements he needed available.
Darryl B. Tacoma, WA January 30, 2014
I called Simply Leak Detection when I had a water leak. It was an emergency, and they came out the next day. They found where they thought the leak was, dug it up, and sure enough, there it was. They were very knowledgeable and technically able. It’s a very technical field, and that type of service is not offered by many people in my area. So I was in a situation where nobody from the water department was offering any help, and nobody at the local equipment rental store could give me anything to help. I wasn’t able to find anything on any plumbing websites, so it was hard to find the right person to help me. They saved a lot of money for me. It cost $350 dollars, but I would have been searching and digging all over the place. Thanks to them identifying the leak quickly, I was able to have the water turned back on at my house very soon after their service.
Bud C. Lacey, WA January 28, 2014
Simply Leak Detection took care of my problem within half an hour. They were great! If you’ve got an underground leak, it saves a whole bunch of time to call Simply Leak Detection. It is a little expensive, but it’s time-saving and worthwhile! I would recommend them!
Vivian P. Sammamish, WA January 14, 2014
Simply Leak Detection found a suspected leak at my house and they were right on. The reason I hired them is because he was willing to include helium in his bid. I had a few other companies come out and not one of them would do this for. I was also really happy with the customer service!
Jim L. Tacoma, WA January 02, 2014
Simply Leak Detection is absolutely wonderful! They showed up when they said they would and completed the job within the window of time given. They patiently answered all of my questions and were professional, friendly, and courteous. The price was competitive with other companies and I felt like I got a good deal. I appreciated that they cleaned the area after the job. I’m definitely calling them again.
David E. Bonney Lake, WA November 12, 2013
Professional, knowledgeable and confident leak detection Simply Leak Detection provided me with very good service. Mike was very professional and knowledgeable about what he was doing. At first I thought the service was expensive, but I realized when I called around that Simply Leak Detection is competitively priced. Mike also had all the equipment he needed unlike other companies I considered. As he worked, Mike explained everything really well. He showed what he was doing and why, which was very helpful. He was right on the money and found my leak right away. He is really easy to work with and stands behind his service. I have a lot of confidence in him and his ability. I definitely recommend his services!
Kelly B. Enumclaw, WA November 07, 2013
I would not hesitate to use Simply Leak Detection again.The service was absolutely wonderful for a reasonable price! I called them when I had a leak on a rental property that was somewhere outside.There’s a lot of property so it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when the technician came, he was right on the money finding the location of the leak. He found it reasonably quickly, was professional, courteous and timely.
Marcus S. Bellevue, WA November 01, 2013
A gentleman from Simply Leak Detection came out to our home to do the work. He used a probe to locate the leak, which he was able to do fairly quickly. We were able to hire a plumber to properly take care of the leak after that. The service was very effective. Just hope that you can get some money back from the water department because the price for the service is high.
Alan W. Kenmore, WA October 21, 2013
Michael was very pleasant and professional when he checked my water service line for a leak. Most importantly, I found the leak right where he said it would be. I have already referred him to friends in case they ever need leak detection services.
David P. Bellevue, WA October 19, 2013
Quick feedback on results of Simply Leak Detection’s work in helping me locate a leak at my property in Bellevue WA a couple weeks ago. They identified it under the driveway. I couldn’t help but be skeptical. However, I had a plumber come out and excavate at their locate point and it was right on. They had no problem finding and fixing the leak with a 3 x 3 foot square dig. Highly recommend!
Jeff J. Lake Caps, WA October 16, 2013
I had a leak from the main water line through the house. The serviceman from Simply Leak Detection came out and he took about 45 minutes, maybe half an hour, used his equipment, and found it. I dug up where he pointed and he was within probably six inches, so I didn’t have any problem finding the hole. He was a little bit cheaper than the other people recommended to me as well.
Tyler M. Maple Valley, WA October 11, 2013
We called Simply Leak Detection to find a leak for us. I was able to easily set up an appointment. Three days later, the serviceman arrived promptly. For the most part, he was very professional. We had no issues with him. It was a very quick and speedy visit. He found the leak right away. We were able to call for plumbing services once we knew where the leak was coming from. Overall, he did a great job, and we would recommend them.
Derek O. Maple Valley, WA September 18, 2013
We called Simply Leak Detection and Michael was able to address our leak situation. He arrived pretty much on time. He was very courteous. He walked us through the entire issue. After he found the problem, he still continued to search. He was very straight forward and worked efficiently. He stayed on schedule and within budget. Now everything works just fine. This was a big money saving deal for us because he found the leak without us having to dig up any holes. It was definitely worth the money. We would recommend his services.
Judy D. Oregon City, OR June 12, 2012
Over time our water bill doubled so we knew we had a leak. After checking the inside plumbing we figured it must be underground but we have about 600′ of pipe to the meter & weren’t sure where to start. Friends suggested it might be in the area of where the copper pipe goes thru the foundation wall so my husband dug a trench 3ft long by 30″ deep, still no sign of a leak in the clay soil. We chose Mike Fend of Simply Leaks from the internet before we joined Angie’s List and just got lucky. He was very professional as he located the lines and used helium to identify the leak next to our foundation wall, a good 15′ from where we suspected it but are now in the process of using Angie’s List to find a plumber. Wish we had called him sooner and would recommend Mike’s company to anyone having leak issues because he was thorough and found the problem within one hour. His service was well worth the money.
Jack and Peggy Estacada, OR April 10, 2012
The broken hydrant at my shop was the first issue. Sheared clear off at a plastic to metal fitting at the hydrant. Good call! I started to dig there and the hole kept filling with clear water. I thought I had forgot to turn the valve off in the barn. It turned out the valve is bad and won’t close. The two lines you found next to the wall made a 90 degree turn and headed out the door. I dug out side where there was some elbow room. I just turned off the pump ,cut the pipe and put in a valve. You saved me a huge amount of digging and cost of replacing the lines. We’ve both very happy with your work and are just sorry we didn’t find you last summer. Thanks! Use us for a reference anytime.
Allan Hillsboro, OR December 15, 2011
Water leak search done on neighbor’s 1400 foot water line on my property. I watched whole time. He found the broken pipe which the neighbor dug down to and fixed. Member Comments: He was very meticulous and thorough and highly professional. He had great equipment which he keeps spotless.
Brenda Hillsboro, OR November 15, 2011
We knew we had a leak in our water line between the water meter and the house but didn’t know where it was. Our water line starts on one side of our driveway, crosses under and then into the house. As we’d had a leak before in this line, we were afraid it was in the same place which was a coupling under the driveway. Instead of starting to dig to find it, we hired Mike to find the leak for us. He found the leak and then confirmed the detection as well as pinpointing the leak using helium. Luckily, it was in a different location this time and not under the driveway. When the plumber arrived to fix the problem, the leak was right where Mike had discovered it. The price was comparable to other companies I’d researched. It was great that Mike was able to come over on a weekend so that my husband and I were both able to be there. He did a great job.
Robert Longview, WA July 06, 2011
I recently received a visit from my water company who wanted to know if I was using an unusually high amount of water. After asking me to turn off any water using devices, they checked my meter and pointed out that water was still flowing through the meter and that I seemed to have a leak somewhere in the water system. I spent the early afternoon attempting to locate the leak with no success. I couldn’t hear it and could not find any visual trace of a leak. I used Angie’s List to search for “leak detection”, selected “Simply Leak Detection” and contacted them. They agreed to come out in the early evening even though they were more than 50 miles away. At the appointed time, they arrived and began their search using electronic listening equipment. It didn’t take the technician (I believe his name was Mike) more than 15 minutes to find it in one of our toilets. I was amazed because it didn’t make a sound that I could hear. After Michael found the leak, I was able to obtain replacement parts and repair the leak myself.The bill was exactly what he quoted me over the telephone.The timeliness, willingness to come on the same day, and competence of “Simply Leak Detection” was exemplary. I will certainly use their service again should I have a similar problem and would recommend them to anyone else.
Longview Parks Department Longview, WA May 31, 2011
Had a leak somewhere in the City Park. Very few isolation valves to reduce the 12 acres that the leak could be. After using all other departments locating efforts called simply leak detection and set up a time to help out. After using many different locating devices and narrowing down the general area, the leak was determined to be below the cement floor of a restroom building. The helium detector is awesome and saved us jack hammering any more floor area than needed. The whole excavation, repair and re pour of the floor took less than a day with the pin point location of the leak. Thanks for all your help.
M5 Plumbing Services, LLC. Vancouver, WA April 28, 2011
Micheal with Simply Leak Detection was called into a situation to locate a leak in a home owners main water supply to the home. The distance to the home from the meter to the house was over 300 feet and Michael answered the call with phenomenal results for both the home owner and I as the repair service locating the leak to within 6 inches of the source. Totally made my work much easier and certainly relieved a great deal of stress from the home owner. Michael, here’s to you for a fine job done. Keep up the great work. If I need the services of leak location done, I know who to call. Thanks again Michael!