Leak Detection Accuracy Saves Money

Leak detection accuracy is best accomplished by utilizing several locating methods pointing to the same place. Since every leak will have it’s own set of variables, there are not many that are alike.  For example: depth, leak size, leak direction, pipe materials, pipe sizes, soil conditions and surface materials such as a driveway. There are many specialized tools used […]

Commercial leak detection – Seattle

Seattle like many large cities have water customers in need of commercial leak detection services. Commercial leak detection can often include a variety of difficulties that are not as frequently encountered with residential leak detection services. Most electronic leak detection equipment amplifies the faint sounds created by an underground water pipe leaking under pressure. Using […]

Residential leak detection Puyallup WA

Residential leak detection can save a homeowner potentially thousands! The savings is the cost of putting your landscape together again after well meaning friends, neighbors or contractors have unearthed your property in search of a hidden leak. Another large savings created by a residential leak detection service is the opportunity to apply a simple repair instead of […]

How to easily pressure test most any isolated water system

Any system can be tested this way…i.e.; Irrigation, supply lines to structures, well water supported systems, isolated lines within RV, Mobile Home Communities, sections of City Parks or virtually anything that can be isolated. Simply Attach an inexpensive pressure gauge to any faucet within a system that can be isolated….then turn off the supply. If […]

Isolation Valves – Important tools for water management and leak detection

Isolation valves are important for both your homes water management and if needed, leak detection.  If there is any need to turn off a section of your water supply, these valves can really help! The picture attached shows common isolation valves you might have at your home or business. If you have additional buildings with […]

Tips to locating a plastic water line:

Plastic water lines can no doubt be difficult to locate. First look for the obvious….a tracer wire or stand alone hose faucets between a house or structure and the water meter. If no visible clues, look for other utilities that might be buried and locate them for points of reference. As seen in this picture, a […]

Water Leaks – water can travel far from a hidden leak source

Water from a leaky pipe may easily show at quite a distance from the source of the leak. In the pictures below you can see water on the street and water crossing the sidewalk. It would be easy to assume that the leak would be at the highest point on the yard where the water is surfacing […]

Underground water pipe leak….should the entire line be replaced?

This is a question faced by many that have or experienced a hidden underground water pipe leak. A full replacement can indeed remedy any hidden leak however is this solution really necessary?  There is a lot of very good pipe buried out there and to best answer this question is to first understand the good […]

Rising water rates

    At the Portland Water Bureau, administrators are proposing an 11 percent hike instead of a 14.4 percent increase. Increasing water rates in any city water system brings all the more importance to conserving water and especially locating and fixing unwanted water leaks. Given that just a small dripping leak consumes: 15 gal. per day […]

About Simply Leak Detection – Owner Michael Fend

Several years ago I had some leaking underground water pipes on my property. I quickly became intrigued with technologies that are able to detect and locate hidden underground plastic pipes & water leaks. I know that for many folks, just getting the leaks fixed and forgotten would be great! Instead I decided to purchase some equipment to find my leaks. I have always […]

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

The concept of tracer gas leak detection is to trace escaped gases that exist at a low concentration in the atmosphere. When higher (tracer gas) concentrations are introduced into a pipe system, the tracer gas can be identified above ground where a leak exists. The most common tracer gas methods include: HELIUM: the most popular […]

Don’t forget to consider additional sewer/sanitary costs if you have a water leak.

Unattended water leaks can be costly and since sewer rates are predicated on water consumption, it’s a good idea to consider this additional cost when it comes to leaks. See the attached file on our Water Leak Examples page. If my calculations are correct, sewer rates can be highly impacted.

How To Tips – Checking your home for Water Pipe Leaks

It’s always a good idea to check your home’s pressurized water system for leaks on a periodic basis. Unwanted water leaks left uncorrected can lead to higher water bills, potentially higher energy bills and increased risk of damage & ultimate repair costs. Here is a process you might find helpful; 1st – turn everything in […]