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Dear Master Plumber:

Simply put…..we specialize in  locating leaks as a support to your business and customers. We have developed a strong & trustworthy reputation within the Portland Area plumbing community since our beginning….and now expanding our business and values to the Tacoma/Seattle markets. Since accurately locating hidden water leaks is our #1 specialty in addition to relentlessly honoring your trust and referrals, we are “Simply” your best call for leak detection support!

It’s likely that you have at one time or another arrived at a customers home or business only to find that the water leak in question is truly hidden and nearly impossible to locate for a repair. As an alternative to spending time, energy and gas to arrive with no other solution to offer than that of a complete line replacement…try asking a few questions; Do you see any visible signs of the leak or its location? How fast is the meter turning or spinning with everything off in the house? Does the house have a shut off valve and if turned off, does the meter continue to turn? After asking some basic questions it’s quite possible that “if your customer sees no sign of the leak”, then there is a high probability that you wont either. Instead of spending valuable resources to examine or attempt a locate, give me a call ( Michael Fend – Owner / Direct: 360-907-0767)…..give me an opportunity to examine and provide a positive leak locate prior to your arrival. I will arrive in a timely and professional mannor and personally promise to immediatly call you once the leak is located so you can follow up quickly with the right repair solution. Your time is valuable and I would love to provide this reliable and cost saving assistance to your business!

You or your staff may also use the process as illustrated on the link below to help walk a customer through locating the proximity of a leak location. If any additional help is needed, want me to help work with a customer and relay information back to you, please freely call me….I’d love to assist your business any way I can!

Leak locating questions

Added value services offered include Sewer Scopes, Private Utility Locating and assistance with locating plastic pipes…..

Freely call me with any questions!

Michael Fend

Michael Fend

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We are highly equipped to accurately pin-point any water leak and locate plastic water pipes…no matter the pipe size, depth or distance! We value & appreciate all opportunites to provide services to you and your customers!

Specialized Equipment. All equipment shown throughout this site is brought to each & every job location to insure the highest level of service.

* Water Leak Detection, Plastic Pipe Locating, Electrical Ground Fault Locating and Private Utility Locating:

** Providing Private Utility locating Services ahead of excavation for installation or repair projects. We are trained, competent & prepared to help! Whether locating power, TV, cables, gas, sewer, water or drainage, we can respond usually same day and provide the assistance you need!

** Plastic Water Pipe Locating Services……we recognize the challenges to accurately locating plastic water pipes. We have the equipment and experience to provide this service. Some key benifits for accurate pipe locates may include; allowing more options for irrigation or other service connections without excessive excavation & guessing costs, damage prevention related to other nearby projects, projects involving pressurized irrigation supplies, and much more….

* Helium Tracer-Gas Leak Detection and pin-pointing using the best technologies!

* Simply Leak Detection is not a plumbing or licensed plumbing repair service. Our focus is to provide specialized services & expertise to assist your business by working to minimize “your” costs by accurately pin-pointing leak locations on underground water service lines & other difficult pipe leaks that may not be visible or obvious.

* We provide services as an extension or compliment to your business. You can always count on us for timely & professional service whether contracted directly or referred to a customer in support of a project!

* With Leak Detection service referrals, we often provide services ahead of your projects and promise to call you immediately from the customers location (by cell phone if preferred) so you can quickly follow up with the best repair solution! We take great care to insure we immediately communicate and advise results…to include valves that are found not working properly, service water pressure, house shut off valve recommendations if not found…..or if the shut off location presents potential difficulties for the home owner or busienss to access in an emergency.

* Freely call us with any questions about choosing Simply Leak Detection as a support & compliment to your business! We value & appreciate every opportunity to provide assistance!

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