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Man finding underground electrical fault

  • Applications electrical ground fault finding may include:
  • Parking lot lighting that may not be working properly
  • LV lighting that may not be working properly
  • Outbuilding power that may not be working properly
  • Many other unknown reasons for power shortages to outside utilities that may involve an underground electrical wire short

Why replace or dig up the entire line….give us a call to locate the fault so a simple repair solution may be applied!

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We utilize the best equipment & technologies available through Radiodetection and Aqua-Tronics!

RD7000TL-equipmentRD7000TL+ Telecom Industry
High impedance sheathed telecoms cables make location a real challenge. With a range of locate frequencies extending up to 200 kHz and fault finding capabilities, the RD7000TL+ has been designed to address the needs of users tasked with locating and maintaining such cables.

UNDERGROUND CABLE FAULT LOCATOR With Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control*The EG-3000 is the culmination of 20 years of fault locator development based upon field experience. It is a complete system, employing the most effective fault location electronics, plus many features for safety and operational convenience. Most outstanding of these is the system’s Automatic Cable-Saving Voltage Control.*When pulsing a line to establish a fault, the EG-3000 applies only the breakdown voltage needed. Just as important, once the breakdown or flash to ground is achieved, the voltage is automatically reduced to the minimum amount needed to keep the fault alive and the fault current is increased. Up to 2.2 amps is available to locate through asphalt and concrete or dry sand and soil.

A buried electric wire with a short is much like locating a hidden water leak. If you are in need of accurately locating such a problem to apply a simple repair, please give us a call….We can help!!

ground fault

Aluminum Hydroxide and copper Sulfate are both insulators. When moisture comes in contact with aluminum or copper, this oxide forms and what was a low impedance fault can become a very large resistance. This resistance allows a leakage path to earth, and a low voltage can result on the line because current is going to ground. See arrow in above picture.

Give us a call if you have need to locate  an underground electrical fault. We carry the same equipment used by most PUD’s (including Clark PUD and PGE) and thus highly equipped to accuratly locate such problems.

Proof testing each direction on the wire or cable can also be done once the fault is exposed. If additional faults are present, these can be additionally located while on site.