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  • We utilize newest leak detection technologies provided by several leading manufacturers!
  • We are trained & supported by Leak-Pro, a Nationally recognized authority in leak detection methodology.
  • All leak detection methods are non invasive / non destructive to your property or established landscape.
  • We are equipped to confirm any water leak location with the best “field use” Helium detection technologies available.
  • We can locate underground water leaks, slab leaks or any hidden plumbing leak on your property.
  • We are equipped with infrared technologies to assist in accurately locating hot water slab leaks & leaks in radiant heat floors.
  • Specialized equipment to locate long distance plastic and non metallic water pipe ….without a tracer wire!
  • We work with many area plumbers to locate difficult & hard to find water leaks.
  • We provide reliable, quality & professional services to our customers & community.

Simply Leak Detection is highly equipped to locate any water pipe leak on your property….from floors, foundations, slab leaks, underground service lines…to anywhere in the yard.

Do you have an underground or hidden water pipe leak?

You may have a water leak:
Water Leak Testing Gage

  • If you hear water running and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water meter is turning and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water bill is higher than usual.
  • If you notice your well pump running excessively.

We most definitely understand the frustration you feel when a leak is discovered to exist “somewhere” and the many questions as to what the best remedy might be. You might be considering all the options from repair to replace. If you are considering a full replacement, it might be a good idea to understand the “good” qualities of the pipe you have. We encourage you to take a look at the information provided on our Pipe Facts page. Here you will see many kinds of commonly used pipe with “good” qualities in terms of durability & service life. Did you know that there is PVC pipe today that was put into service in 1936 and still to this day has no major problems? You may even find that galvanized pipe might be worth a repair if you are not experiencing water pressure issues? Yes, there is a lot to consider in terms of remedy options however if you decide to have a leak located, we would love to help! Our service is non invasive and non destructive to your property or established landscape.

Simply Leak Detection specializes in locating leaks in residential and commercial plumbing systems (inside or outside). We are not a plumbing contractor or plumbing repair service. Our focus is to provide technical information, services & expertise to you and the contractor/repair service of your choosing with necessary information to allow them to accurately expose and repair the leak problem with minimal damage or disruption to your property.

Our #1 job is to help you locate the leak so we take great care to provide “accurate” locates, follow up after every service call and Guarantee our work!
If you have a long water line. It’s always prudent to consider an accurate leak locate over the costs of an entire line replacement. Below are a few pics of long water lines that had a leak….each succesfully located for a simple repair by “your” favorite plumber! Whether your water line if 10 feet to over a mile, we would love to help locate the leak for a cost effective remedy.

Hidden Water Line

Hidden Water Line

This leak was accurately located on an 1100 foot water line under a driveway. The red markings represent a power line that is also burried in the same trench as the water service.

Water Leaks Anywhere

Water Leaks Anywhere

Though difficult to see, this is a driveway with a 1500+ leaking water line that was accurately located

Small But Costly

Small But Costly

There was a leaking plastic water line under this road, through a parking lot feeding a marina at the Port of Cascade Locks. Though this was a relatively small leak (though costly in water use), it was accurately located for a simple repair using Helium tracer gas methods after the pipe was initially located using sonic locating methods.

Commercial Leak Detecting

Commercial Leak Detecting

Here is a locate we provided for a reputable plumbing company who was working on a fire line repair at Waste Connections in Vancouver WA. Give us a call for any leak locate. We take great pride in making sure our locates are accurate.

Simply Leak Detection provides leak detection & locating services to a wide variety of customers……to include residential, commercial and city customers. We have also had great success with many special projects.

If you have a commercial or multi-tenant property (including mobile home communities) and interested in implementing an Active Leak Detection Program – Give us a call! We’d love to help and can offer a variety of cost effective options that will best meet your needs to including consultative advise and methods to self monitor for potential water leaks.

Manufactured Home Park Leak Detection:

All services include support with mapping water systems and consultative guidance & advise to designing isolation zones that ultimately include set up for future self monitoring of potential system water leaks. We understand the challenge with locating leaks on park water supply systems whether pipe locations are mapped or completely unknown. Long term consultative support is on-going and most always free of charge! Give us a call with any questions….we’d love to partner with your efforts to curb water costs by offering the assistance you need.