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Hard To Find Water Pipe Leaks:
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Avoid costs associated with digging,

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Residential Water Leak Detection Seattle

Residential Homes

High Water Bill?

We help homeowners & water bureau’s locate leaking pipes, wherever they may be hiding.

Commercial water leak detection services Seattle

Commercial Property

Underground or Under Slab Leak?

We are the trusted source for reliable underground, under slab water leak detection.

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Plumbers trust us for non-invasive leak detection & locate services.

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Excerpt: "Mike located the leak, and marked the spot so my irrigation company could repair it. Three days later, the irrigation company came out and started to dig down to the underground water leak. As it turned out, the leak was about 4 and a half feet down, and the leaking pipe was underneath a septic line. It was a difficult fix, but after 3 and a half hours, the leak was repaired. We would NEVER have found the leak without Simply Leak Detection..."
Dave H.
Fox Island, WA
"Simply Leak Detection found a water leak in my yard that I was unable to. He was on time, professional, and knowledgeable. He was able to identify the leak fairly quickly, and answered all of my questions. The cost was a little higher than I would have liked. That said, they saved me possibly thousands of dollars if I would have had to dig up the yard...."
Rick W.
Olympia, WA
"The person who came out for Simply Leak Detection was able to identify a leak in my surface line within the first twenty minutes. I have some construction and plumbing experience, and I thought he was very knowledgeable and professional. It was easy to schedule an appointment with them and he arrived on time. I was referred to them by another plumbing company, and he did great work. He pointed me in the right direction once he was finished."
Terry B.
Seattle, WA
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Our Services

We are specialists for non-invasive detection services to help you save money & save time.

  • Underground Water Leak Detection

  • Residential Plumbing Leak Detection

  • Slab Leak Detection

  • Irrigation leak Detection

  • Plastic Water Pipe Locating

Our Services

We are specialists for non-invasive detection services to help you save money & save time.

Do you have an underground or hidden water pipe leak?

You may have a water leak:
  • If you hear water running and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water meter is turning and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water bill is higher than usual.
  • If you notice your well pump running excessively.
We most definitely understand the frustration you feel when a leak is discovered to exist “somewhere” and the many questions as to what the best remedy might be. You might be considering all the options from repair to replace. If you are considering a full replacement, it might be a good idea to understand the “good” qualities of the pipe you have. We encourage you to take a look at the information provided on our Pipe Facts page. Here you will see many kinds of commonly used pipe with “good” qualities in terms of durability & service life. Did you know that there is PVC pipe today that was put into service in 1936 and still to this day has no major problems? You may even find that galvanized pipe might be worth a repair if you are not experiencing water pressure issues? Yes, there is a lot to consider in terms of remedy options however if you decide to have a leak located, we would love to help! Our service is non invasive and non destructive to your property or established landscape. More Info

Your Home is Often Your Largest Investment

Water pipe leaks can create higher than average water bills and can often lead to property or structure damage if not repaired. Many pipe leak issues can be identified visually if above ground. Common leaks that are found visually may be those hiding beneath a sink, faucets not turning off completely or even a quietly running toilet. Many water pipes however are installed below ground which can make finding leaks much more difficult without the right equipment and experience. More Info

Slab Leaks can be located for cost efficient repairs.

Many homes and commercial buildings are constructed without a crawl space and these foundations are commonly referred to as “slab on grade” foundations. Beneath many of these slab on grade foundations are water pipes, drain pipes and sometimes power and other utilities. Plumbing leaks beneath a slab foundation can present unique locating obstacles encountered by most leak detection professionals. Many include varied flooring materials to structure obstacles such as walls, fixtures, appliances or stairwells. Other unseen leak detection obstacles may include insulated or sleeved pipes, plastic liners installed beneath the slab, other utilities including drain or sewer pipes.

Slab Leak success factors:

  • #1 – Slab Leak Locating Experience of the locator on site (not the company hired).
  • Understanding the obstacles and how to confirm locates
  • Ability to use tracer gases.
  • Experience in using tracer gases.
  • Understanding and interpreting pipe locations as related to leak locations
  • Providing the repair contractor with all information so every repair option can be considered.
  • Ability to support the repair contractor if further help is needed.

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Landscapes are beautiful however water conservation and leak detection are keys to cost control.

Simply Leak Detection arrives prepared to locate hidden irrigation leaks whether hiding on a small residential property or a large commercial landscape. Services include:
  • Irrigation pipe mapping / Zone control wire tracing
  • Zone control wire electrical fault locating
  • Buried Irrigation solenoid valve locating
More Info

We are your Plastic Water Pipe Locating Specialists!

Services are routinely provided to:

Cities, City Parks, Commercial Properties, Construction Companies, Engineering Companies, Excavation Companies, Highway Departments, All Plumbing Trades & Property Owners

Simply Leak Detection recognizes the growing need to accurately locate plastic water pipes, especially those that have been buried without a tracer wire. In effort to meet this need with a reliable solution, we have acquired the best technologies available to offer highly accurate plastic pipe locating services. These methods are also non-invasive and simple to apply.

Our locating equipment does not disrupt service and is Clean for Potable Water Systems…no use of fish tape, push rods, sondes and other electronic devices that are commonly used to locate plastic sewer & drainage pipe systems!

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule service.

Locating plastic pipes acoustically –
As plastic pipes are not electrically conductive, they cannot be located with the classic electromagnetic method. Another principle in pipe location is used with the acoustic method: the pipes transmit mechanical vibrations better than the surrounding soil. The vibrations are transmitted along the pipe and over the soil to the surface where they can be detected by a microphone. Just as with the acoustic location of water leaks, the microphone indicates the highest intensity thus revealing the position of the pipe. Basically AC or metallic pipes can also be located with this method.

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