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A leak on a very long water service located for repair in Kent WA.


Nearly 600 foot underground water pipe leak located for a cost effective repair. This leak was small and nearly 3 feet deep on this long plastic water pipe servicing a house in Kent WA. At arrival there was no sign of water or other visual clues to where this leak was hiding. With use of current electronic leak detection equipment this leak was quickly located and marked for repair. As a homeowner I couldn’t imagine the cost of a full replacement as being the alternative to a simple find and fix process. Much of my business is through plumber and contractor referrals however since this homeowner found me online I was able to provide several plumbing contractor referrals for the repair job. It was a pleasure to help this homeowner find this underground water pipe leak.

Michael Fend

Looking West from the leak location. Leak is within 2.5 feet of edge of private road.
Looking East from the leak location
Service truck and equipment set up at house detached garage