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How we got started

m4Several years ago I had some leaking underground water pipes on my property. I quickly became intrigued with technologies that are able to detect and locate hidden underground plastic pipes & water leaks. I know that for many folks, just getting the leaks fixed and forgotten would be great! Instead I decided to purchase some equipment to find my leaks.

After struggling to locate several leaks, I quickly discovered that there was a whole lot more to learn about pipe locating (plastic & metallic) & leak detection. I was still highly intrigued so sought professional training and sourced some high quality equipment from several leading manufacturers.

I continue to aquire additional equipment for neccessary applications and completed professional training & certification in Utility Locating through Staking University. Since training I have expanded services to include Plastic Water Pipe Locating, Private Utility Locating and Electrical Ground Fault Locating. Today I operate and continue to develop my business as Simply Leak Detection offering a wide range of locating services from Olympia to Everett WA and literally everywhere in between! Give me a call if you have need for any of the services offered….I promise to arrive prepared and eager to help!

Michael Fend

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