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Commercial Leak Detection Chehalis WA

Underground leak located on a PVC water pipe at the Veterans Memorial Museum. The leak was small however large in terms of water bills. It was hiding beneath a system of outside water faucets (hydrants) on the property. This system of hydrants circled the entire building with estimated distance of underground PVC pipe being nearly 300 feet.

Prior to my arrival, the plumbing contractor who referred my help had already added a few isolation valves. These valves were used to predetermine the area where this leak could be hiding.

This is a large property with several buildings, outside water hydrants and a large main building on a concrete slab. The isolation valves gave evidence that this leak was on a network of outside hydrants. This line of hydrants surrounded the building and isolation valves gave yet another unexpected advantage as I’ll explain. The valves provided opportunity that the water could be left on to the museum during the leak detection process.  While I turned off the line of hydrants to locate this leak, the building water remained on so guests could have hot coffee and use of the restrooms. It turned out to be a perfect set up for me and the guests arriving to the museum.

I was prepared to locate this leak using tracer gases however the leak was ultimately located using high end electronic leak detection tools. The plumbing contractor was later pleased to report that the leak was located perfectly for a spot repair. Though I really enjoy positive feedback, I know deep inside that in the eyes of any plumbing contractor I’m only as good as my last locate! It was a pleasure to work with this plumbing contractor and the Veterans Memorial Museum.

Michael Fend

IMG 1578 e1568680651175
Underground PVC water pipe leak located
IMG 1579
Underground PVC water pipe leak located for repair
IMG 1581
Underground PVC water pipe leak marked for repair
IMG 1582 e1568681038199
Underground PVC water pipe marked for repair using a pin