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Commercial leak detection – Seattle

Seattle like many large cities have water customers in need of commercial leak detection services. Commercial leak detection can often include a variety of difficulties that are not as frequently encountered with residential leak detection services. Most electronic leak detection equipment amplifies the faint sounds created by an underground water pipe leaking under pressure. Using this equipment in areas of high ambient noise can often present unfavorable conditions to accurately pinpoint a leak . To remedy the obstacle of ambient noise conditions many commercial leak detection appointments are scheduled after businesses close or in the event of traffic noise, during the night when traffic noise is at a minimum. Tracer gases offer another method of leak detection that can be utilized without concern for noise. With use of either helium or hydrogen, the gas after introduced to the pipe system will exit the leak and rise the surface where its presence can be detected electronically. As pictured you can see some of the elements of ambient noise in the backgrounds. Leak detection services can prove highly cost effective if utilizing the right tools while employing good strategies to overcome unfavorable conditions.

Michael Fend – President / Simply Leak Detection

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Seattle commercial leak detection – water meter serving a business nearly 600 feet away.
Seattle commercial leak detection services – service truck connected to building water system while applying helium as a detectable tracer gas
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Seattle commercial leak detection services – underground water pipe leak pinpointed nearly 600 feet from the building. Due to proximity to other utilities the contractor used a vac-truck to excavate. This leak was perfectly located!
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Seattle commercial leak detection – this photo shows a previous leak perfectly located for a spot repair on the same water line. Notice the saw cut section replaced after the repair was completed with the “x” still painted on the surface.