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Commercial Underground Leak Detection

Underground commercial leak detection projects can be much easier if supported by a good plumbing company, how can this be? There are many things a plumbing contractor or property owner can do to simplify the leak detection process.  Here is an example of plumbing support on a recent job I did at the Outlet Mall in Centralia WA.

The Plumbing contractor ahead of me had already added several isolation valves in effort to minimize the area this leak could be hiding which proved highly valuable.  These isolation valves reduced the the possible area of this underground leak to within just a few buildings, maybe a third of the total property.

Just after arrival I knew which building this leak was closest and here’s why.  Using sonic leak detection equipment I could hear the leak on several touch points on buildings. I also knew that the leak was on a copper pipe. This is why I was additionally able to mark the pipes location across the exterior slab.

Any work done ahead of a commercial leak detection pays exponentially in terms of the time required to find a hidden leak. Whether this work is a thorough understanding of the water system being searched or the addition of isolation valves, there is good reason for this work. This is because all preparation ahead of a scheduled leak detection saves time which is further translated into savings to the customer.

Follow this link for more information  about slab leaks and commercial leak detection .  It was a pleasure working with both the management of the Outlet Mall and the plumbing contractor.

Michael Fend

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1342 Lum Road, Washington 98531
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Slab Leak Detection
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Area the hidden underground water pipe leak
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Leak and copper pipe located
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New concrete shows where the plumber did the repair