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Paul Denny

For all the reasons we talked about during your visit to locate the leak in my main water service line–i.e. arriving on time, explaining the process of locating a leak, having all the equipment available and ready to go, providing pre-arrival information and great follow up—I have no problem assigning a 5 star review to Simply Leak Detection. In fact, I have already done just that in an email I sent to my Homeowner’s Association.

The best part of this whole thing is that you found the leak quickly and had no problem letting me ‘participate’ in your search for the leak, even encouraging me to watch and learn so that I would be more educated about the process.

So, how accurate was the indicated location of the leak in my water service line? When all the digging was done, I would say that the marker you placed was within 2 inches of the actual break in my water line. Unfortunately, the location was beside of a stand of cedar trees and it took around 10 hours of digging by hand and cutting roots just to access the pipe to make the necessary repairs! The actual repair took me under an hour and that included shutting the water off and recharging the system afterwards. However, like you said, it sure beats finding the leak under the large concrete slab at the front entrance to my house.

After two days, there is no visible leak where I made the repairs. I will contact the water district today to come check my meter to see if they are satisfied that my line is no longer leaking and hopefully get some credit on my previous billings.

Thanks again for the great service. I’ve attached some photos of the project for your entertainment. BTW: My service line is 1” black PE, at 200 psi. I used brass barb and barb unions/mender/splice repair with SS hose clamps. Using a little bit of heat and a touch of WD 40 on the fittings, I was able to slip the barb ends inside the PE pipe.