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Cole Linich

I didn’t know what to expect. I had gotten a notice from the city that my meter had been running and that there was a leak of about .5 gallons a minute! I had already been paying the increased cost of the leak for about three months and was worried about spending more money. So I tried to find the leak, dug some holes and was unsuccessful. So I called the plumber. He looked around and tried to find it in the home, but was also unsuccessful. He gave me Micheal’s number. I gave him a call and immediately he called me back. In our conversation he set the expectation of cost and what he could do. Prior to the appointment he communicated very effectively with text and email and on the day of the appointment he called me to let me know he was coming. Once he arrived, he was able to find the leak with in minutes. He then did a thorough inspection of the system and confirmed that I only had one leak. With his level of service I have been excited about telling people the exceptional job he did.