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Dave McKenzie

Tacoma Water said that it was a “slow leak” (a shown on the meter) that caused my water bill to double. And I would need to find and fix the leak. Oh, great. I thought this sounded fishy, but I had no choice. I found and called Simply Leak, and Mike Fend explained the process and related issues, had some things for me to check. In other words–no hard sell. I then contacted him to come save me. He got me scheduled asap . And the result was exactly what I had hoped–checking our water line and all the related hardware with his state of the art equipment, he was able to report that there were no leaks on my property. Armed with this information I am now able to “fight back.” (I got my new meter today; the old one was likely the original, so, over 40 years old.) Bottom line: without Mike’s help, I was screwed. Thanks, Mike!