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Dan L.


We had a leak in the water line, and it was quite a long distance from the meter to the house. We knew the leak was somewhere in between, and Simply Leak Detection pinpointed it. He marked the spot with an X, I dug down, and that was exactly where it was. He showed me all the equipment and he really brought me in to the experience. He even let me listen to the equipment to hear where the leak was. He uses all the latest equipment and he explained everything thoroughly. He back-fed helium through the pipe, and he has special equipment that smells helium called a sniffer. The helium rises through the ground pretty easily, so he pinpointed the leak that way. He also used a listening device to hear where the leak was- so he pinpointed it by listening and using the sniffer. He validated where he thought it was in two different ways.

When I called him, he came out in a few days because it was a holiday. He was very courteous and clean. He came in, did his job, explained everything, and I’m very happy. At that price, instead of digging up my whole yard, it was priceless. I heard about him because my neighbor had used him before and recommended him to me. He was very courteous, conscientious, and trustworthy. I have already recommended them and I am very happy with the service.