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Don J.


I’m very satisfied with Simply Leak Detection, it was a really great experience. I’ve been in property management for 32 years dealing with apartments and I’ve had a lot of things go wrong, so when I hired them I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never had a water leak where I had to pull up my driveway, so it was new to me. He came out and found the leak in about 2-3 hours. He put a pin down in the ground and I dug down about two and a half feet and there was my leak. I live on a hillside and trying to locate a leak on a hill is not easy because the water flows down, but he was spot on. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I called several leak detection places and most companies wanted me to be there when they performed the service and even to have cutting and drilling tools to assist the process. Simply Leak Detection didn’t require any of that. He’s honest, the work is reliable, and the prices are fair based on what I’ve seen.