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Our water bill had almost tripled suddenly from one bill to the next. Our water company said we must have a bad leak somewhere between our water meter and our house, a toilet running constantly, a hose bib leaking, or pipes leaking under the house. We had no leaks inside the house.
We called the plumbing company we have been doing business with for several years now. They informed us that they would just have to start digging up the yard until they found the leak, which would get very expensive. They did not have the equipment to test for and pinpoint an underground water leak and that it would probably be in our best interest to have a company with that type of equipment come out to find the leak first.
Our pluming company recommended Simply Leak Detection. My wife called them and talked with Michael and he was wonderful. Courteous, helpful, straight forward and got us an appointment within a couple days.
Kane W. showed up to our house and is about the nicest guy you could ever meet. He was very knowledgeable and explained exactly what he was going to do step by step and got right to work. Within an hour he found the leak underground, which was about half way between the meter and the house, marked where the leak was, put everything back just the way he found it and was on his way. He didn’t mind me following him around and asking question after question either.
I definitely would recommend Simply Leak Detection. Nice work and thank you again Kane.