How to use your water meter to quickly determine gallons per minute

Most water meters calculate water volume in cubic feet. If your meter shows cubic feet and water is moving through it by evidence of the leak detector spinning….follow these steps to determine gallons per minute:
Time the “sweep hand” or dial hand as it moves from one digit to the next. If the meter is measuring cubic feet, the time taken to move from one digit to the next is 1/10 of a cubic foot. This also represents .748 gallons.

  • If the time taken was 5 minutes, this would be .15 gal per min
  • 2 minutes = .374 gal per min
  • 1 minute = .748 gal per min (about 3/4 gal per min)
  • 30 seconds = 1.5 gal per min
  • 15 seconds = 3 gal per min

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