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I’m Michael Fend.  My passion and specialty is finding underground hidden water pipe leaks without digging or damaging your property. Water pipe leaks can easily develop if a pipe is under stress due to some likely causes. Likely causes can be ground movement, tree roots or even a sharp rock. Water pipes are buried underground and out of sight. These pipes can run just about anywhere beneath your home or business property. They may exist beneath beautiful landscapes, driveways and even homes or businesses that have been constructed on a concrete slab, and what does this mean? This means that a water pipe leak could occur just about anywhere that pipes are installed beneath your property.

Using the right tools and strategies, most every leak can be perfectly located without unearthing an established landscape or dismantling a home or business structure. I’ve learned that each leak issue has its own unique locating variables, for instance.  Some leaky pipes are buried really deep while others are shallow. Some pipes are buried in gravel and other are buried in thick clay dirt. Some pipe leaks are really large and others are extremely small. Some leaky pipes are made of metal and others plastic. Thankfully there is also a wide range of leak detection tools. Depending on the variables discovered on site, I can choose specific tools and strategies based on my experience. My experience  in leak detection is through years of personally locating leaks under similar conditions.

There isn’t a silver bullet tool for locating all underground water pipe leaks but rather a long list I refer to as “tools of the trade”.  For example, an auto mechanic uses specific tools for cars and electricians use specific tools of their trade. Could you imagine a carpenter arriving at your home or business with just a hammer? No saws, tape measures, nails or wood? Just a very large hammer, yikes!  This visual applies just the same to leak detection professionals as I’ll explain.

Leak Detection tools commonly used on most jobs are ground microphones, hydrogen and helium gas detection equipment, leak correlators and loggers but not always without other important tools. Other important tools may include electro-magnetic utility locators, ground penetrating radar, a variety of plastic pipe locating tools, infrared cameras and specialized irrigation tools to name a few.

New technologies are being developed every day and adding new tools improves my ability to help customers, and here’s a great example. Just recently I purchased a 250′ push rod that can find leaks inside any smooth bore plastic pipe from “inside” the pipe! This is an amazing tool if needed beneath or near a noisy and busy street, factory or other noisy location. I share this as an example of a specialized leak detection tool. It can be applied to specific locating variables that other tools may have difficulty under the same conditions.

My favorite part of finding a hidden pipe leak is meeting and working directly with customers, here’s why. There’s a saying that a home is your castle and yes every homeowner (including myself) has a sense of pride in their property. Whether working with a home or business property owner, I often see their passion in the landscapes or personalized craftmanship in the structures and hardscapes. Not knowing the source of a leak issue is often the most worrisome for every property owner until it’s located, and then it gets better. Once the issue is located it becomes a matter of process from there forward and the worries begin to subside. During all leak detection appointments I enjoy sharing my findings with customers so they too have a high level of confidence in the locating process.

Call me today if you have an underground water pipe leak hiding beneath your residential or commercial property. I’d love to personally help you find it!

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Michael was awesome! He was very knowledgeable, answered all our questions, and professional. He looked at the whole outside of the water system and found the location of the leak. When we had it repaired, his mark for the water leak was “right on the money” and it was 4 feet underground!! He is exceptional and we would highly recommend his company! Thank you for an excellent job, Michael!

Kent water pipe leak as marked with paint for repair

The city of Kent is also very good about offering a water leak adjustment for qualified water losses.

City of Kent, WA – Water Leak Adjustment Information