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Leak Detection Accuracy Saves Money

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The scene at arrival. A leak detection company had previously marked a hidden leak beneath this driveway.
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Leak accurately located at the meter connection
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Leak located away from the driveway

Leak detection accuracy is best accomplished by utilizing several locating methods pointing to the same place. Since every leak will have it’s own set of variables, there are not many that are alike.  For example: depth, leak size, leak direction, pipe materials, pipe sizes, soil conditions and surface materials such as a driveway. There are many specialized tools used to accurately locate a hidden underground or under slab water pipe leak. Correlators electronically analyze leak vibrations at both ends of a pipe and calculates the leaks location in the form of linear feet from each end of the leaking pipe. Leak detection accuracy is also commonly attained through use of specialized microphones that can hear sub surface leak noise beneath the soil.  Infrared is another specialized tool used in leak detection as are cameras in some cases. Tracer gases such as helium and hydrogen are also commonly used to locate hidden underground water pipe leaks. There are often other clues to keep an awareness of outside such as moist or wet soil or a suspicious area of lush green grass. If on the inside, some indications to be aware of might be the sound of running water or moisture on a floor or wall. With all of the above mentioned tools or observations, leak detection accuracy is best achieved through the use of several tools or observations that independently point to the same place. There simply isn’t just one tool or observation that can be used to accurately locate every hidden leak issue.  Just as one leak can be so different from another, so can a leak detection company or technician be so different from another. Again the variables can range from familiarity and use of the many specialized tools available to the amount of experience attained in the field.  If a leak is not located accurately, the results can significantly increase the overall costs to the property owner. If you need to find a hidden leak beneath your property and trying to determine the best leak detection company for the task,  just ask your plumber! Your local plumber or plumbing company has likely worked with many companies or individuals who specialize in leak detection accuracy and he or she will be able to recommend their best choice.

Photo disclaimer:  The photos used are for example purposes only and by no means intended to fault another person or company. Leak detection is by far an interpretation of existing variables and all leak detection professionals have potential to miss locate a leak.  Whether you have a pipe leak beneath your property in Seattle, Bellevue or even Tacoma…Just remember that your local plumber will always be your best resource in choosing good help with which they are both comfortable and familiar with!

Michael Fend – President / Simply Leak Detection