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Simply Leak Detection utilizes only the most current equipment for:

Water Leak Detection
Private Utility Locating
Plastic Pipe Locating
Electrical Ground Fault Locating

Sonic Leak Detection:

Sonic Leak Detection EquipmentWhen a pressurised water pipe develops a leak the water flows out it into the surrounding soil at high speed, which causes: The pipe material to vibrate at the exit point. This vibration, or sound, is transmitted by the pipe. This “noise” (called structure-borne) can be heard at remote contact points, e.g. valves. The water jet and the pipe, in the vicinity of the leak, also induce vibration into the surrounding soil. Simply Leak Detection utilizes only the best sonic equipment provided by several leading manufacturers.

Metrotech HL 5000 + GM80 Ground Mic

Latest Ground Mic Leak Detection EquipmentThe new Metrotech HL 5000 Professional water leak locator is the next generation of quality water leak detection instruments. Using a new Dual Segment Analysis (DSA) the HL 5000 is both a pre-locating and pinpointing instrument. The DSA displays both the minimum constant leak sound as well as the total current sound level. A powerful signal processor suppresses extraneous sounds, allowing the constant sound of the leak to be displayed as the minimum sound. Plastic pipe location mode is a new feature for improved location of impulses generated with the RSP3 Plastic Pipe Locator.

Leak-Pro acoustic systems – most sensitive & newest equipment on the market

Leak-Pro Acoustic SystemThe LEAK PRO probe is simply the greatest new product to hit the market for detecting “Slab Leaks” ….or other underground water leaks. Well built, highly sensitive & electronically amplified acoustic equipment.

Electronic Helium tracer-gas detection systems

Electronic Helium Tracer ToolsThe MGD-2002 Multi-Gas leak detector is the ideal instrument for detecting leaks in pressurized cables, storage tanks or any closed system that can be pressurized with the tracer gas. With detection capabilities down to 25 PPM the MGD can detect even the smallest leaks in buried telephone cables. This is the same equipment choice used to monitor and correct Helium leaks on the Goodyear Blimp during routine maintenance inspections!

How does it work in water leak detection? Helium gas is inserted into the pipe line in search of the source of the leak. The gas can escape any small crack or exit at any break, then be detected at the surface so the source is then easily pin-pointed for repair.

Helium is a safe, light, odorless, colorless, inert, non toxic, non flammable monatomic gas

Sonic non-metallic pipe location systems

Sonic Non Metal Pipe Locating EquipmentAs plastic pipes are not electrically conductive, they cannot be located with the classic electro-magnetical method.
Another principle in pipe location is used with the acoustic method: the pipes transmit mechanical vibrations better than the surrounding soil. The vibrations are transmitted along the pipe and over the soil to the surface where they can be detected by a microphone. Just as with the acoustic location of water leaks, indicates the highest intensity the position of the pipe. Basically AC or metallic pipes can also be located with this method.

  • Impulse generator removes any worry of damaging pipes
  • Fast set-up eliminates water connections or service interruptions
  • Variable impulse and intensity sound generator optimizes use on all type of pipe under all conditions

Water Service Line Locating: Most water service lines are non metallic and non traceable by traditional electronic means. If you don’t know where your water line is and need to know, we can locate the line for you and mark it on your property.

The RD7000 Delivers Fast, Accurate, Reliable And Repeatable Locate Information For Metallic Pipes and All Other Utilities

RD7000 Locating EquipmentRadiodetection one of the worlds leader in the design and development of cable and pipe locators, used by utility companies, to help install, protect and maintain their infrastructure networks.

Locating specific pipes and cables in large underground networks is becoming increasingly complex. Ground distortion effects, caused by different soil types and proximity to other conductors, make the operator’s job more difficult and more time-consuming. The most important requirements for a locator under these circumstances are ease of use,
accuracy and reliability. The RD7000 and RD8000 address these needs with several groundbreaking features that deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

Portable low PSI (Leak-Pro) Air systems for pressure testing and leak detection applications.

Air System Pressure TestingAir Anywhere – portable 12 volt air system that can be used anywhere….parks, open land, remote areas without access to electricity.