Non-Invasive Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared technologies are widely used to find the source of water intrusion issues.

Thermal image scanning is particularly useful for locating rain related leaks. Thermal imaging or ‘infrared’ imaging can detect temperature differences which are unseen by the human eye. We can often locate problems quickly and without destruction.

Blockages in exposed pipes and leaks in pipes hidden behind walls and under floors can often be quickly identified.
It is often difficult to find the point of entry of water through a roof or wall. Visible signs of mold or moisture are often far away from the actual leak. Thermal imaging will highlight the moisture pathway.
It’s always a good decision to have a camera inspection because water flows through the path of least resistance. That makes it difficult to pinpoint the source of a leak in your home. Drilling through multiple walls, floors, or places in the ceiling takes a long time and leaves you with more damage to fix. The non-invasive camera inspection is fast, accurate, and doesn’t cause any additional damage to your home. The sooner we find the leak, the sooner you can repair the problem.

Simply Leak Detection offers a Non-Invasive Limited Thermal Scan service that is used to investigate commercial and residential water intrusion issues. This service additionally provides a report with photos to support our findings.


Simply Leak Detection is here to solve your moisture problems. We use thermal imaging to better identify water and moisture problems before they become too bad. Give me a call today to schedule a service at your home or business.

Michael Fend

Michael Fend – Owner
Simply Leak Detection