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It’s likely that you have at one time or another arrived at a customer’s home or business only to find that the water leak in question is truly hidden. Ultimately you discover it’s a leak that is nearly impossible to locate without specialized equipment and experience.

May I suggest asking a few initial questions that we commonly ask customers:

By asking some of these basic questions (without payroll and travel costs) it’s quite possible that if your customer sees no sign of the leak, then there is strong likelihood that you may not either.

Instead of spending resources to examine the property, give us the opportunity to examine and provide a positive leak locate prior to your arrival. We’ll arrive in a timely and professional manner, and we promise to immediately call or text photos to you once the leak is located.

Thank you for contacting Simply Leak Detection. I will personally reach out to you shortly.

Michael Fend, Owner
Simply Leak Detection LLC

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