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Residential leak detection Puyallup WA

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water meter
Water meter showing there is a hidden leak somewhere on this property. Most will require a residential leak detection service to pinpoint
plastic water pipe located during a residential leak detection service
Most underground water pipes are pre located during a residential leak detection service using specialized pipe locating equipment
A professional residential leak detection service successfully located this hidden leak
Leak located for repair offering minimal damage to the existing landscape as a result of this residential leak detection service.

Residential leak detection can save a homeowner potentially thousands! The savings is the cost of putting your landscape together again after well meaning friends, neighbors or contractors have unearthed your property in search of a hidden leak. Another large savings created by a residential leak detection service is the opportunity to apply a simple repair instead of incurring the cost of a full replacement. As shown in the photos above, the process of a residential leak detection often includes pipe locating and application of several technologies used to pinpoint the leak issue. This leak was pinpointed using newest electronic leak detection equipment. I often suggest to homeowners to take pictures of the pipe location for future reference. Since everyone can worry about future leaks I additionally suggest keeping a small piece of the pipe after the repair for future reference. There are many good pipe materials used to supply water to homes. Knowing the quality of the pipe should another leak happen years later gives further opportunity to assess whether to repair again or replace. To offer some assurance against worry I can tell you that my average leak detection customer is a once in a lifetime!

Michael Fend – President / Simply Leak Detection