Simple Homeowner Test for Water Leaks

Most leaks can be heard or seen, but some can be difficult to detect. Your water meter is often your most useful tool in identifying water leaks on your property.

Water Leak Testing & locating pipes diagram

Follow these easy steps to check for unseen leaks:

  • Locate the water meter
  • Locate the water supply shut-off valve for your building. It can be outdoors or indoors and is commonly located where the main water pipe enters the building foundation. In a home, this is often near an outside faucet. (Note: If you do not have a main shut-off valve, its beneficial have one installed.)
  • Turn off all faucets, outlets and water-using appliances including toilets.
  • Take a photo of the dial on the meter. After a few minutes or more, take another look at the dial. If the dial has moved, you have a leak either inside or underground. Now, close the main shut-off valve on the building if equipped. If the indicator stops, your leak is inside the building. Check toilets and faucets. If the indicator continues to move when the shut-off valve is closed, you have an underground leak hiding between the water meter and the shut-off valve (assuming that this valve works properly).
  • If the leak issue is inside and there isn’t a crawl space, the leak could be hiding beneath the concrete floor. Listen for a hissing noise or the faint sound of water running.
  • No matter where the leak is hiding, it can certainly be located using the right electronic leak detection technologies and without causing any damage to your property.

How do I find a “hidden” water pipe leak?

Water leak detective

If you have determined that you have a hidden & unwanted water leak but need a little help locating it, give me a call! I can locate it for you without costly guesses or destructive digging in your already established landscape. I take great care to provide accurate locates, share my results with you personally and follow up after every job.

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