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Water Leak & Pipe Locating Services
A water leak hidden within your home or beneath your property is potentially one of the most costly problems a homeowner or business owner can face. Not only does leaking water raise your water bill, but leaking water can also cause significant damage. Worse, finding the leak, or guessing where it might be, can create even more damage, digging, opening walls, floors, etc. So much so, often replacing and re-routing the entire plumbing system is seen as the only option. Fortunately technology has been developed to avert all of these problems by locating leak, no matter where they may be, using various high-tech methods and means. Finding a leak quickly and correctly can save you thousands of dollars or more and also spare you a great deal of headache. We are committed to helping you and/or your area plumber locate your leak as quickly as possible using some of the most advanced technology around. If you suspect a water leak, call us right away. Our leak detection service is guaranteed! Read on to find out what other important services we offer!

Private Utilities Locating

Utilities running through your property past the meter – such as water, power, phone, cable, data, etc. – are considered “private” and will not be covered by free municipal locating services. We can help you locate any and all private utilities on your Woodland property whether home or business. Keep safe, and protect yourself from unnecessary expense from damages. Call us for private utility locating services!

Wire Shorts and Plastic Pipes Locating

Much like a leak in a buried water pipe, a short in a buried power line can pose significant challenges for locating. If you have such a problem it’s not necessary to replace the entire electrical line! We can locate ground faults with the same precision as water leaks.

We also carry some the only equipment available to locate plastic or PVC type pipes of all kinds. Being non-metallic, these types of pipe are elusive to locating tools designed to work with various metals. Call us for plastic pipe locating services!

Gas Leak Locating

If you have a known gas leak or have a newly buried gas line that did not pass inspection via pressure testing, give us a call! Underground gas pipe leaks can be accurately located in much the same way as water pipe leaks by using a Tracer Gas. We can locate any unwanted gas line leak with services are non invasive and not destructive to your property, and the gases used are also completely safe.

Refrigerant Leak Detection Services

We can provide valuable support to HVAC professional by helping to locate leaks in refrigerant lines. Equipped with all the right tools and latest technology, our services are experienced, cost-effective and efficient. When it comes to difficult to find refrigerant leaks, give Simply leak Detection a call!
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