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Equipped with the most advanced tools and technology and offering our best in customer service

, Simply Leak Detection will help you accurately locate any water pipe leak hiding underneath your home, commercial building or municipal property in a non-invasive manner. 

If “knowledge is power” then knowing exactly where your leak is located is the power to avoid hundreds to thousands of dollars in rising water bills, potentially costly water damages, and further damages created by “guessing” where the leak might be.

Locating a water leak requires the proper equipment, the right training and a lot of experience. We are dedicated to bringing these all to your leak issue. When accurately located, we can also help you find the best Carson plumbing contractors to finish the job.

Private Utility Locating Carson, WA

If you’re planning on digging anywhere on your property past the utility meters, any utilities lines, cables or pipes underground are considered “private” and wont be covered by a call to 811. Don’t risk the danger and expense of digging without knowing what’s below! We can help locate all utilities underground on your property.

Plastic Pipe and Electrical Ground Fault Locating

In addition to water leaks and private utilities, Simply Leak Detection provides locating services for other invisible issues potentially hiding in your home, business or property.

  • Plastic Pipes are not detectable with the same tools as pipes made of other metallic materials. We have invested in one of the best plastic, PVC pipe locators in the surrounding area.
  • Ground Faults are caused by deterioration and failure of wiring and shielding materials. Locating exactly where the issue is so it can be repaired is one of our specialties.

Give us a call for Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions . . . .

Committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and continue to invest in current equipment and technologies. I guarantee my leak detection service and promise to always put your needs first!

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