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leak detection estacadaPlumbing leaks can occur in very inconvenient places, and a leaking pipe can cause immense problems. Beyond just adding unnecessary expense to your now soaring water bills, if left in disrepair, a leaking water pipe can cause extensive damage to home, business and property. What’s more, water pipes are most often buried underground, in or beneath concrete, within floorboards or behind walls. Without knowing the exact location of the leak, even more damage and repair expense can be created trying to find it, or taking a guess where it’s at . . .

Fortunately, someone thought it would be a good idea to develop non-invasive methods and technology to locate pipe leaks for repair without disturbing the surrounding property in the process. And that’s where we come in! Bringing the most advanced equipment available, Simply Leak Detection is your local specialist when it comes to finding otherwise invisible water leaks and more. With guaranteed service we will accurately locate your the spot of your leak, mark it for repair, and can even help you with finding the most qualified Estacada plumbing contractors to get the job done.

Other Advanced Locating Services in Estacada

Simply Leak Detection can also assist with . . .

  • Plastic Pipe Locating

In use in many homes and buildings, plastic pipes and PVC remain elusive to the most common locating methods and require special instruments to locate. Simply Leak Detection owns one of the most advanced plastic water pipe locators in the region and will bring it ready for use should you have the need.

  • Electrical Ground Faults

Wire shorts that are hidden under ground can present the same locating challenges as pipe leaks. We specialize in locating these issues for most cost-effective repair as well.

  • Private Utility Locating

Utilities such as data cables, communication lines, water, gas and electrical lines that run past the meter on your property are considered “private” and thus your responsibility to locate when digging and are not covered by the free 811 “call before you dig.” We can provide complete private utility locating services anywhere throughout your property.

Give us a call for Estacada Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions . . . .


Committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and continue to invest in current equipment and technologies. I guarantee my leak detection service and promise to always put your needs first!