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Plumbing Leak Detection Service in Scappoose, Oregon
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leak detection ScappooseUtilizing the most advanced equipment and bringing the highest quality customer service, we are here to help you accurately locate any possible water pipe leak hidden within or underneath your home, building or property. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and knowing exactly where your leak is located before attempting any repairs can and will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in potentially costly damages, labor and water bills. (Not to speak of headache!)

Three things are needed to locate an invisible water pipe leak and those are the proper equipment, the right training and loads of real world experience. Simply Leak Detection is dedicated to bringing them all. When your leak has been precisely located, we can offer the most qualified plumbers for repairs.

Private Utility Locating Services Scappoose

Any utility lines past the meter on your property are considered “private” and therefore not located by the free 811 call before you dig services. This includes electrical, phone, cable, water and more. Our knowledge, equipment and skill are also available to help you accurately locate any private utility lines running through your property before you dig, preventing unnecessary damage, loss of service or possible injury as well as saving you the possible money that might come with those. Call us for all of your private utility locating needs in Scappoose.

PVC Pipe Locating

Because they are made of plastic, PVC pipes have eluded most traditional underground locate methods until very recently. Simply Leak Detection owns one of the most reliable plastic pipe locators “for hire” in Oregon. We are here to help you accurately locate any plastic water pipes when necessary.

Electrical Ground Fault Locating

While water pipes can fail underground, so too can electrical wires of all kinds. It can be far less expensive, and less hassle, to locate and repair and underground electrical problem than to rewire the entire system. We can help you locate the source of any buried electrical ground faults that may be occurring on your property and refer you to the right sources to have them repaired.

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Committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and continue to invest in current equipment and technologies. I guarantee my leak detection service and promise to always put your needs first!