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Water Leak Detection and Pipe Locating

If you suspect a water leak on your property, whether commercial, residential or municipal, call us for locating services to find out for sure. If you know you have a water pipe leak but don’t know where exactly it is, we are your professional locating source. 

Locating water pipe leaks that are not immediately visible require the right tools and technology, the right training and methods and a lot of experience. Simply Leak Detection brings all of these to the job, no matter where your leak might be hiding, or what kind of property you own. Since we regularly work with area plumbers, we can also assist you with the best plumber referrals for the repair.

All too often the biggest cost of a water leak is all the free help in locating it. With the best of intentions a family member, neighbor or contractor with unearth a property or dismantle a house in search of an elusive water pipe leak. This is a huge cost as compared to calling Simply Leak Detection to professionally locate the leak for you, before unearthing your existing landscapes or dismantling your home or business.  We use newest technologies to find an underground or otherwise hidden water pipe leak. These technologies include highly sensitive ground microphones, leak correlation equipment, infrared, tracer gases and pipe locating tools. These tools are highly specialized and can find even the most well hidden water pipe leaks.

If you have a hidden water pipe leak and would like some help finding it, give Simply Leak Detection a call. We’d love to help!

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Service Area: Olympia

City: Centralia, Washington

Service: Leak Detection, Plumbing

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Service Area: Greater Olympia WA

Mike Moore Plumbing Repair, Inc.

Mike Moore

Serving Many: Greater Olympia areas

Services Endorsed: Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

We have been working with Simply Leak for several years. We get several phone calls from customers who have been told that they have a high water bill indicating they have a leak. After discovering the leak is in the ground and not in the building, we can rely on Simply Leak to get us in the right location. They are fast to respond, reliable and great to work with.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Western Washington

Robert Miller

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Mike always does a great job and communicates professionally! He always takes great care of our customers and our business model. Highly recommended for all of your leak detection needs!

Olympic Plumbing Technology

Ron Boeckmann

Serving Many: Greater Olympia areas

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Mike has always come thru for us. We have used his services many time for Commercial and Residential service leaks. We wouldn’t go into a leak search without him.

Raybell Plumbing

Jim Raybell

Services Endorsed: Residential Leak Detection & Slab Leak Detection

Simply leak detection is great at what they do. Mike is responsive and always wanting to help make sure the detection is spot on and in every case it has been spot on. Great to work with and Great at communicating with all parties involved.


Kevin Scudder

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

Roto-rooter has used simply leak detection for all our underground leaks. Very efficient and fair with a professional work ethic. Top of the line Equipment and communicates well with our technicians and customers.

Vital Mechanical Service

Mike Merrell

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

“Mike has always been a pleasure to work with !!
Mike always puts his customers first he is always honest!!
Mike has always been spot on with his leak findings.
I have had planned overnight detections that have been awesome!!
Simply Leak Detection is the only one I call!!”