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We have invested in the most advanced technology available to help you locate any hidden plumbing, underground electrical and other utility issues that may arise in your property. All of our services are designed to save you unnecessary money and grief. All leak detection services are guaranteed
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Residential Leak Detection Service

leak detection CorneliusWhen water pipes are buried deep underground, identifying where a leak is located can be near impossible. Fortunately, with the right equipment and skill, any leak – whether underground, beneath concrete, inside walls or floors – can be located and identified for repair, offering a solution that is much more efficient and far less costly. If you suspect or are aware of a plumbing or water leak on your property, Simply Leak Detection is your Cornelius, Oregon specialist. And as a plumbing support services professional, we can also help you find the best area plumbers or plumbing contractors to finish the job.

Private Utility Locating Cornelius, OR

Did you know that 65% of all utilities – water lines, gas pipes, electrical cables, data lines (phone, internet, cable TV), and even sewer lines – are considered privately owned? This means that any utility lines past the meter on your property are considered “your” responsibility and are not covered by “call before you dig” services. So whether you’re planning a home addition, installing lawn sprinklers or simply planting a tree, it’s important to stay safe and avoid costly damages. Equipped with the powerful RD7000-TL, Simply Leak Detection can help you locate any and all utilities hiding beneath the ground wherever you plan to dig.

Locating Plastic Pipes

With the increasing need to accurately locate plastic water pipes (PVC and all other pipes), especially those that have been buried without a tracer wire, we have acquired the best technologies available to offer highly accurate plastic pipe locating services that are completely non-invasive and reliable.

Underground Electrical Wire Shorts

Why replace the entire electrical line when locating the fault can offer an easier and less expensive repair solution? There are many situations in which an electric wire of any kind might break or fail underground. We utilize the best radiodetection technologies available for locating underground wire shorts, saving you time, stress and money.

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Committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and continue to invest in current equipment and technologies. I guarantee my leak detection service and promise to always put your needs first!