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Underground or otherwise difficult to locate water pipe leaks can pose significant problems. Left unattended they can create undue water bills. Leaking water can also cause significant damage to your property, whether gradual over time or in a very short time. 

Without being able to locate the leak you are faced with two options: take potentially costly guesses as to where the leak might be and damage your property worse in the process, or re-route the entire underground or under-slab plumbing system. Fortunately, we can provide the solution to all of these problems by locating any water leak, wherever it may be, using advanced technology and non-invasive methods. Our leak detection service is also guaranteed….ask for details! Once accurately located we can also assist in finding the best Kalama plumbers for the repairs. Call us today if you suspect you have a water leak. If you know you have a leak, let us locate it for a quick and cost effective repair option!

Other Advanced Locating Services

Beyond water leaks, Simply Leak Detection can also assist with many other difficult location problems and needs. These include

  • Plastic Pipes – we are able to locate plastic or PVC type pipes with equally non-invasive methods and technology. These types of pipes remain elusive to ordinary locating equipment designed work with various types of metal. We have invested in one of the most advanced plastic pipe locators in the Washington, Oregon region.
  • Private Utilities – if you are planning for digging on your private property for any reasons, it will be important to ensure the location of any private water lines, gas lines, power lines, phone, cable and data lines. These utilities (past the meter) are considered privately owned and thus will not be covered by a free 811 call. Call us for locating any private utilities – we can help!
  • Ground Faults – failure of an electrical wire underground can present many of the same costly problems as a water pipe leak. Luckily, we are also able to locate any electrical ground faults for the quickest and least expensive options of repair. Give us a call for locating any hidden underground wire shorts!
  • Gas Leaks – Underground gas pipe leaks can be accurately located in much the same way as water pipe leaks by using a Tracer Gas. We can locate any unwanted gas line leak with services are non invasive and not destructive to your property. Tracer gases used for leak detection are non flamable and safe.
  • Refrigerant Leaks – We can provide valuable support to HVAC professional by helping to locate leaks in refrigerant lines. Equipped with all the right tools and latest technology, our services are experienced, cost-effective and efficient.

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