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Plumbing leaks can happen in the most inconvenient places and a known leak should never be ignored because it can cause big problems. In addition to adding expense to your monthly water bills if a leak is left in disrepair, the leaking water can potentially cause extensive damage to your home or business property. Worse yet, damages caused by searching for the leak can be the most expensive of all……unearthing existing landscapes, sidewalks, floors & walls can be completely avoided if only the exact location of the leak was known.

Fortunately, technologies have been developed to locate any hidden leak on your Lynnwood property using non-invasive methods which are safe and non-damaging to your home or property. This is where we come in! We are equipped and arrive to your leak issue with the most advanced technologies available. Simply Leak Detection is your local leak locating specialist and can pin point the exact location of your leak without disturbing your existing landscapes or any part of your property. Once we clearly mark the location of the leak, we can additionally refer some of the best Lynnwood plumbing contractors who can confidently apply the most sound repair solutions.

Residential Leak Detection:

  • Underground leak locating on main water pipes that are buried between your house and the water meter.
  • Underground leak locating on irrigation systems serving the landscapes around your residential property.
  • Under concrete or asphalt driveways.
  • Beneath your home if built on a slab on grade foundation.

Commercial Leak Detection:

  • Main water pipes between the meter and your business.
  • Leaks on Irrigation systems that keep your landscapes beautiful.
  • Beneath driveways and asphalt parking areas.
  • Beneath building concrete slabs.

Leak Detection for fire suppression systems:

  • Fire mains serving both residential and commercial.
  • Beneath driveways, parking lots or building slabs.



Q: Once you find the leak can you repair it?

A: Our service specializes in locating leaks and pipes. We do not dig up or repair the leaks.

Q: Can you find a leak through concrete/asphalt?

A: Yes, we can locate leaks in pressurized water pipe though cement slabs, asphalt driveways, gravel, grass, you name it.

Q: What does an indoor leak survey entail?

A: If you have an active leak but don’t want to rip out a whole ceiling or wall looking for the source we can find it for you. The survey starts with an inspection using thermal imaging and a moisture meter. If the the leak is coming from behind drywall the next step is to drill a 1 inch test hole and find the exact source with an inspection camera. In this way most surveys conclude with a 100% positive leak location with minimal damage.

Q: Can you find leaks in my irrigation system?

A: Yes, we can find leaks in irrigation pipes as well as determine if you have leaking control valves.

Q: What if I can’t find my irrigation control valves?

A: We have the equipment to find lost control valves.

Q: What next steps should I take after having my leak located?

A: Contact a plumber to schedule a repair. Depending on the location you might also need to have your other utilities (power, gas, etc.) located before digging. There is a free service that will do this for you. “Call Before You Dig” can be reached by dialing 811.



Simply Leak Detection will arrive prepared with the advanced tools and technologies. We are your specialists when a hidden water pipe leak is needed to be located….no matter where it might be hiding on or beneath your property! Once the leak is located and clearly marked for repair, we can additionally help with quality plumbing referrals to finish the job.

Simply Leak Detection specializes in locating hidden water pipe leaks and not the repair. This keeps us focused on what we do best. We often work as a referral from your favorite plumbing contractor. If you are a plumbing contractor seeking a locating service to support your business, please give us a call.

I am committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and care that you receive the best service.


Feel free to contact me directly at any time day or night!

Michael Fend – Owner /Operator
Simply Leak Detection
253-886-1400  (direct)

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Call Us Today

Call us today if you have a hidden water pipe leak that needs to be located.

I am committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality and care that you receive the best service.

Feel free to contact me directly at any time day or night!
Michael Fend – Owner /Operator
Simply Leak Detection
253-886-1400  (direct)


Lynnwood’s Top-Rated Water Leak Detection Service

Simply Leak Detection is located on 1335 NE 122nd Suite 105 Kirkland. From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) head southeast on Airport Expressway toward Departures Dr and keep left. Then continue onto S 182nd St/Arrivals Dr and use the middle lane to continue on S 182nd St/Airport Expressway. Next, continue straight onto S 182nd St/Arrivals Dr and turn right onto Hwy 99 S/International Blvd/Pacific Hwy S. After that use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Kent Des Moines Rd and turn right to merge onto I-5 S. At this point take exit 142A to merge onto WA-18 E toward Auburn and take the WA-164 E exit toward Enumclaw. Finally, use any lane to turn left onto WA-164 E/Auburn Way S, continue to follow WA-164 E and Simply Leak Detection will be on your right.

We are open Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

For additional questions, you can call us at 425-658-2080 or you can find us on Yelp.

Plumber Endorsements

Service Area: Greater Seattle WA

All Water Plumbing LLC

Vlad Litvin

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

We have has used Simply Leak Detection multiple times for all underground leaks. Very efficient, knowledgeable and professional work. Mike has always been a pleasure to work with and always does a great job. We highly recommend!

Button plumbing

Matthew H

Serving Many: Greater Seattle WA areas

Services Endorsed: Residential Leak Detection

Mike is excellent at his job. When others have failed, Mike always comes through and finds the problem area. He’s the only one I call to find leaks underground.

Erik D Plumber LLC

Erik Dow

Serving Many: Greater Seattle WA areas

Services Endorsed: Residential Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

I’ve used Simply Leak Detection for a few years now and I have a count going, so far they are 9 for 10. Let me explain, I gave Mike an impossible task at a big complex, I knew it and he knew it, but he came out to the project with a willingness and a “can do attitude” and made the customer happy. I always give my customers a choice and Simply Leak Detection is always number one on that list.

Mike's Plumbing

Mike & Nicole Marinez

Serving Many: Greater Seattle WA areas

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

At Mike’s Plumbing, we take customer service very seriously. We also believe that any referral we give to a customer is a direct reflection on us and not to be given lightly. When leak detection is necessary, we never hesitate refer our customers to Simply Leak Detection as Mike Fend has never disappointed. His service is reliable, findings accurate and communication very well done. This saves our customers and us time, energy and money to get the job done right.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seattle

Mark Petrovich Pipenko

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Mike is always a pleasure to work with. Not just because of his professional demeanor and personality, but also because of his efficiency. In the plumbing industry, the accuracy of a leak detection can make or break a job. Mike’s always been on the dot every time I’ve worked with him. I would highly recommend Simply Leak Detection to family and friends or anyone for that matter.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Western Washington

Robert Miller

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Mike always does a great job and communicates professionally! He always takes great care of our customers and our business model. Highly recommended for all of your leak detection needs!

Rooter-Man Plumbing

Rob Hanson

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

If you are looking to hire a professional leak locating company, Mike, owner of Simply Leak Detection is the person to call. I have been using Mike to find water leaks for my customers for years and he has never let me down. Mike is friendly, outgoing and very knowledgeable.


Kevin Scudder

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

Roto-rooter has used simply leak detection for all our underground leaks. Very efficient and fair with a professional work ethic. Top of the line Equipment and communicates well with our technicians and customers.

The Pipe Guys

Dan Grossruck

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Simply leak is spot on. We send all leak detection requests to them as they never fail to pinpoint the leak. When we show up to repair a leak, we have confidence we’re digging in the right spot and not wasting our time.

The Plumbing Joint

Rachel Ploegman

Serving Many: Greater Seattle WA areas

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection

Simply Leak Detection has assisted us on many services throughout the years. They are fast to respond, highly accurate in their detection and fairly priced. We highly recommend!

Vital Mechanical Service

Mike Merrell

Services Endorsed: Commercial & Residential Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation Leak Detection & Plastic Water Pipe Locating.

“Mike has always been a pleasure to work with !!
Mike always puts his customers first he is always honest!!
Mike has always been spot on with his leak findings.
I have had planned overnight detections that have been awesome!!
Simply Leak Detection is the only one I call!!”

Washington Pride Home Services

Joshua Devereaux

Services Endorsed: Residential Leak Detection

Simply Leak has been a great help to our customer when the leak needs to be found. We are able to make the repairs but first need to locate

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Local Reviews:

Gail Stenzel – Redmond, WA – 2019

Only company to call me back on a weekend. Came out on a Sunday and spent about an hour and a half thoroughly searching for the leak. He was right on where the plumber needed to dig! Extremely polite and professional. Even put the headphones on me and let me listen where the leak was and wasn’t. I would HIGHLY recommend Simply Leak Detection!

Ann T – Bothell, WA 98021 – 2019

Great Experience. Had a slow leak bubbling up in my driveway. Plumber needed leak detection and recommended Simply Leak Detection as the top one of the 3 names he gave me. Michael was busy but fit me in the next week since it wasn’t an emergency, came on time, charged the quoted price (lower than some others) and found the leak quickly. He patiently explained what could have happened, what else might be needed and why.

Jesus-HeliBerto Villa – Newcastle, WA – 2019

What can I say, he came out very friendly and very very professional. Came out on time and was honest from the beginning. Disclosed all disclosures from the beginning and i paid the price i was quoted. He was very confident in his location on the leak. So i went to town digging and I’ll be damned it was right where he said it’d be….. will recommend to everyone i know who has an underground leak. Thanks again hopefully i never need the services but if i do you’ll be the first one I’ll call.

Larry Cartwright – Maple Valley, WA – 2019

Mike is great to work with. As water was out, fit me in right away. Very knowledgeable, providing great advice. I certainly recommend him.

Amy Werner-Allen – Seattle, WA 98125 – 2019

Overall very knowledgeable, accurate, friendly, and patient. Performed the necessary tests to quickly identify where the leak on our property was and answered all of our questions along the way. Gave recommendations for follow-up services required.

Dr. Timothy Mullner – Renton, WA 98058 – 2019

Simply Leak Detection was a godsend. After hiring a company to locate our water line and getting the location WRONG, Michael Fend found the line in 30 minutes! He was very educational in helping me to understand the technology being used and allowed me to verify his findings. Don’t waste time and money. Call Simply Leak Detection the first time!

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