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>leak detection Battle GroundSimply Leak Detection is your leading plumbing support service for locating the source of hidden underground pipe leaks in Battle Ground, WA! We provide services to many area plumbers as well as direct residential, commercial and municipal customers. We are in the business of providing service excellence always to the end customer in need of locating any underground or otherwise “hidden” water pipe leak. If you have a plumbing leak and are having trouble locating it for repair, we would love to help! We can also recommend several reputable, local plumbers and plumbing contractors to provide the right quality repair services.

Water is getting more costly every year resulting from operations and infrastructure improvements. If you have a leaking pipe and are looking for the most cost effective solution, give us a call! We can help locate it for you so you can avoid costly guesses, extra labor costs, eliminate needless damage to your existing landscape and property . . . not to mention a costly replacement of an entire pipe!

Simply Leak Detection additionally provides Value Added services to include:

Private Utility Locating Battle Ground, WA

Since the free 811 call centers will only locate publicly owned utilities up to the meter, we can help locating everything else! Private utilities may include data communication cables, power lines for other building and street lights, gas lines & pipes.

Plastic Pipe Locating (PVC) Battle Ground, WA

We are set up and able to accurately locate most any plastic water pipe, whether it’s a large Municipal Water Main or a residential service line. If you have a need to locate any pipe, we can help using the most advanced equipment.

Electrical Ground Fault Locating Battle Ground, WA

There are many instances where an electric wire of any kind might break or fail underground. Having an underground wire short properly located for repair is far more cost effective than replacing the entire line! We provide services to a wide variety of customers ranging from Electricians to Home Owners in the Beaverton area.

Give us a call for Battle Ground Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions . . . .


Committed to building a strong reputation for reliability and quality work and continue to invest in current equipment and technologies. I guarantee my leak detection service and promise to always put your needs first!