Commercial Leak Detection

Water pipe leaks on commercial or multi-family properties can become a costly difficulty for both property owners and property managers. Leaks can happen on both new and old properties alike from many of the same reasons. Leaks are commonly caused by ground movement, poor materials, rocks or tree roots. Rest assured that hidden leaks can be located no matter where they may be hiding beneath your commercial property for a cost-effective repair by your chosen contractor.


Leaking pipe located under tile floor

Commercial Leak

Underground water leak detected under asphalt in parking lot.

As a Commercial Leak Detection Professional, I’ve become very familiar with several strategies and methodologies used to locate water pipe leaks. I have personally located a couple thousand commercial property pipe leaks over the past 10 years. I often use many advanced leak detection instruments from several leading manufacturers including thermal imaging, acoustic profiling and tracer gas technologies to accurately find a hidden leak issue.

Every leak is located using non-invasive technologies that are non-destructive to your property buildings, structures or existing landscapes. This process is far less expensive than unearthing your property in search of a leak issue. Aside from  unearthing your property in search of a leak, these costs are greatly compounded when you consider the added costs of putting your property back together again.

Additional services that can be applied upon request:

  • Pipe locating
  • Private utility locating 
  • Boxing the area for 811 locates

Freely call If you have a leak hiding “somewhere” beneath your commercial or multi-family property and need some expertise on site to help you or your team find it.

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