Commercial Fire Suppression Leak Detection

Commercial fire suppression systems will show water usage only for two reasons. The first is what the system is designed to do. These systems are designed to put out fires and they use a lot of water in the process. The other reason for usage is usually a hidden leak issue. Many of these systems have a large amount of underground pipe between a city supply and the buildings being protected.

Technologies used to locate these leaks can include ground microphones, correlators and other electronic leak detection tools. At times a tracer gas is applied to verify a leak location prior to excavating.

I have been locating fire system leaks for years and due to the scale of these systems I often prefer to work directly with your fire installation or maintenance provider. This brings every quality needed to your detection and repair process. Having your contractor with system expertise on site provides a high level of safety in addition to my ability to share results directly with your contractor. Through sharing the leak detection results with your contractor there is a high level of confidence during the excavation process for everyone involved, including you as the property owner or manager.

If you have a fire suppression system with a hidden leak issue, I’d love to help you find it. Freely call me with questions or to schedule service.

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