Multi-Tenant Property Leak Detection

multi family water line leak marked under asphalt

Identifying apartment water pipe leaks isn’t as simple as identifying a dripping faucet. Silent leaks that happen in toilets, hot water heaters, walls and floors are the most damaging and expensive things that can occur on a property. The worst part is that you generally have no idea these leaks are happening up until you get a considerably expensive water bill and need to absorb the cost.

Apartment pipe leaks are among those repairs that require being identified early or the damage could become seriously expensive. Water pipe leaks can also create a cause and effect of issues from bubbled up paint to larger problems like mold and mildew. Locating them without calling for a professional leak detection can often lead to unearthing established landscapes to dismantling floors and walls chasing misguided guesses. Though the effort in searching for a hidden leak is with the best of intentions, the cost of putting the property back together again can easily exceed the leaked water costs plus damages created by the leaking water alone.

Typical Indications of a Leak:

  • Foul odors Mold/Mildew build up
  • Steadily moving water meter (even during times of inactivity)
  • Unusually high water bill balance Discovery of wet/discolored (often yellowish) patches of flooring or walls
  • You can hear water running, but you did not turn anything on

Recommended first steps to identify hidden leaks:

  • Inspect all units for running toilets, running sinks and all appliances are working properly.
  • Inspect all hot water tank relief valves
  • Inspect meter for movement during inspections for movement while tenants are not using water.
  • Turn off all units are stacks if equipped and inspect meter for movement.
  • Turn off any irrigation watering systems that might be supplied by a meter showing movement and recheck for meter movement.

If a leak exists and cannot be found with inspections, Simply Leak Detection will help you find it without need to unearth or dismantle your property in search of it. Our leak detection process is non-invasive and safe to existing landscapes and structures.

Simply Leak Detection can successfully locate hidden water pipe leaks whether deep underground, under parking lots, under concrete slabs or within the walls of your multi-tenant property. We can often save you thousands by locating the leak for repair without creating needless additional damage to your property.

Additional services that can be applied upon request:
  • Pipe locating
  • Private utility locating
  • Boxing the area for 811 locates

Freely call If you have a leak hiding “somewhere” beneath your commercial or multi-family property and need some expertise on site to help you or your team find it.

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