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Simply Leak Detection is highly equipped to locate Refrigerant Leaks.

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Helium or Hydrogen Tracer-Gas leak Detection

Leak detection made easy is the premise behind the Radiodetection/Dielectric MGD-2002 Multi-gas Detector. Through the use of a common tracer gas such as Helium or Hydrogen, leaks in most pressurized systems can be located with pinpoint accuracy. Unit displays gas concentrations to as low as 25ppm and can access difficult to see areas within condenser rings & fins.

Helium or Hydrogen Tracer
Helium or Hydrogen Tracer

Hydrogen Tracer-Gas Leak Detection

Electronic refrigerant leak detector of the latest generation. Its highly developed semiconductor sensor technology has been designed for the characteristics of HC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants. Sensor soiling is greatly reduced through the principle of diffusion, which means there are no filters and pumps that can become blocked. The LOKator RLD5 has an automatic zero setting and the possibility of suppressing background contamination manually. Complies with the regulations stipulated in EC 1516/2007 and DIN 378.

Five LEDs and an acoustic signal (can be switched off) indicate the size of the leak.

  • Green LED: No leak
  • Yellow (1) LED: Leak rate of 1 g/year R134a
  • Yellow (2) LED: Leak rate of 3 g/year R134a
  • Red (1) LED: Leak rate of 10 g/year R134a
  • Red (2) LED: Leak rate of 30 g/year R134a

Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detection Services

When it comes to difficult to find refrigerant leaks, give Simply leak Detection a call! We are much more cost effective than options to purchase or rent the above equipment. We come prepared with everything else needed too….expertise, gas, regulators, hoses & couplings. We are there to work with you in effort to successfully identify the leak source on any refrigerant system.