Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leaks can be located for cost efficient repairs.

Many homes and commercial buildings are constructed without a crawl space and these foundations are commonly referred to as “slab on grade” foundations. Beneath many of these slab on grade foundations are water pipes, drain pipes and sometimes power and other utilities.

Plumbing leaks beneath a slab foundation can present unique locating obstacles encountered by most leak detection professionals. Many include varied flooring materials to structure obstacles such as walls, fixtures, appliances or stairwells. Other unseen leak detection obstacles may include insulated or sleeved pipes, plastic liners installed beneath the slab, other utilities including drain or sewer pipes.

Slab Leak success factors:

  • #1 – Slab Leak Locating Experience of the locator on site (not the company hired).
  • Understanding the obstacles and how to confirm locates
  • Ability to use tracer gases.
  • Experience in using tracer gases.
  • Understanding and interpreting pipe locations as related to leak locations
  • Providing the repair contractor with all information so every repair option can be considered.
  • Ability to support the repair contractor if further help is needed.

Experience Makes the Difference, Trusted by Large Plumbing Companies.

I have been locating slab leaks since 2010 and have gained a level of experience that is respected by many large plumbing companies serving Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. I understand the challenges and have refined several methodologies and processes that help produce successful outcomes. The number one goal for any leak detection professional is to give opportunity to minimize structural or property damage in accessing a pipe leak beneath a slab on grade building foundation for repair.

Mike on the job leak detector 1

If you have a home or business with a hidden plumbing leak beneath a slab foundation, give me a call. I’ll arrive in person, bringing all my past experiences and knowledge to support you and your chosen repair contractor.

Call me directly with any questions. I’m always here to assist and care that you receive great service!

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