Private Utility Locating Services

Whether you are adding on to your home, installing sprinklers or just planting a tree, Simply Leak Detection is equipped to keep you safe! No matter what size the job, you FIRST need to locate “your” underground utilities

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Washington811 locates

811 – Call before you dig services will only perform locates to the service meter and not beyond as these are generally considered as “private utilities” and will require a private utility locator to locate

  • All buried utilities are considered as “private” if they are installed after a service meter.
  • If a utility meter is located at the street, all forward lines and service to the home are considered as private utilities.
  • Private utilities can be hidden/buried anywhere to support pools, spas, detached garage lighting, irrigation, propane or other gas services…to homes, BBQs, or even heating amenities on an outside patio.
Private Utility not covered by 811 service
  • Private utility locates are very important before installing a fence, sprinkler system or even planting a tree!
  • If you have a privately installed utility in an area you plan to dig, put safety first and give us a call before you dig! 360-615-9413
  • Simply Leak Detection is equipped with current electro-magnetic locating technologies.
  • Providing utility location services to any known privately-owned utility.
  • Equipped to locate and trace non-metallic PVC type water pipes. See acoustic pipe locators below.
  • Proudly serving from Olympia to Everett, WA…and all areas in-between!

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Septic Tank Locating

Septic Tank Locating

Most septic tanks can be located by a signal produced by a flushed transmitter that is specifically designed for septic tank locating. Knowing the location of your septic tank is essential for performing maintenance on the tank. Homeowners should locate the septic tank so they can watch for early signs of problems with the septic system.

Water Service Line Locating

Most water service lines are non-metallic and non-traceable by traditional electronic means unless a tracer wire is additionally installed. If you do not know where your water line is and need to know, we can locate the line for you. Metallic or non-metallic, with or without a tracer wire, we’ll mark it on your property.

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Acoustic Pipe Locators

An acoustic locator is used to identify and trace nonmetal water lines. The locator consists of a transonde and a receiver. The transonde is attached to the water line either at a fire hydrant, faucet or tap. The transonde sends a sound wave through the water in the pipe. Once located, the pipe’s position can be marked on the ground surface.

Radiodetection is a leading manufacturer in the design and development of cable and pipe locators, used by utility companies, to help install, protect and maintain their infrastructure networks.

Color Coded Underground Utilities
Residential Underground Utility Diagram