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  • We utilize newest leak detection technologies provided by several leading manufacturers.
  • All leak detection methods are non invasive / non destructive to your property or established landscape.
  • We are equipped to confirm any water leak location with the best “field use” Helium detection technologies.
  • We can locate underground water leaks, slab leaks or any hidden plumbing leak no matter where it might be hiding on or beneath your residential or business property.
  • We are equipped with infrared technologies to assist in accurately locating hot water slab or radiant heat floor leaks.
  • We assist many large plumbing companies to locate difficult & hard to find water leaks.
  • We provide reliable, quality & professional services to our customers & community.

Signs that you may have an underground or hidden water pipe leak.

  • If you hear water running and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water meter is turning and everything in the house is turned off.
  • If your water bill is higher than usual.
  • If you notice your well pump running excessively.

We understand the frustration you feel when a leak is discovered to exist “somewhere” and the many questions as to what the best remedy might be. The obvious remedies are to repair the leak or replace the entire pipe. Since locating hidden leaks is what we do I can honestly tell you that every pipe will leak someday and most every leak located is due to a specific problem; i.e. a rock resting on the pipe, a tree root pressing on the pipe or a fitting that has began to fail.

Water Leak Testing Gage

We always recommend addressing the leak issue as a discovery process first. Here are a few things you may consider;

  • It’s always less expensive to have a leak located and repaired than replacing.
  • “What if” the leak is located in an area of easy access instead of something more difficult like beneath a driveway. The small cost of a locate can provide a large amount of information.
  • During the repair, keep a little piece of the pipe for future reference. If the pipe material is high quality and another leak develops in future you can decide to locate for another repair with confidence. If the pipe is of lesser quality it might be a good idea to begin a replacement savings jar for the next time it develops a leak. Having just a small piece of the pipe beneath your property will greatly help if future decisions are needed.
  • If you have a long water pipe and the leak is located somewhere in the middle, consider adding an isolation valve at the repair site. This may give opportunity to replace only half the pipe should it become problematic.

Keeping a piece of the pipe during the repair is highly important especially if you are considering a full replacement. Since every pipe will leak, the real question is knowing what kind of pipe material was installed beneath your home or business property. With this sample piece of pipe in hand you will be able to discuss its qualities or lack thereof with anyone in the future should you have another leak. This can even be a licensed plumber on staff at your local hardware store. If the pipe is good then maybe it’s another rock or root issue needing to be resolved. If the pipe is not so worthy of repair then you can replace it with better justification for the added cost. We encourage you to take a look at the information provided on our Pipe Facts page. Here you will see many kinds of commonly used pipe with “good” qualities in terms of durability & service life. Did you know that there is PVC pipe today that was put into service in 1936 and still to this day has no major problems? You may even find that galvanized pipe might be worth a repair if you are not experiencing water pressure issues? Yes, there is a lot to consider in terms of remedy options however if you decide to have a leak located, we would love to help! Our service is non invasive and non destructive to your property or established landscapes.

Simply Leak Detection specializes in locating leaks in residential and commercial plumbing systems (inside or outside). We are not a plumbing contractor or plumbing repair service. Our focus is to provide technical information, services & expertise to you and the contractor/repair service of your choosing with necessary information to allow them to accurately expose and repair the leak problem with minimal damage or disruption to your property.

Simply Leak Detection provides leak detection & locating services to a wide variety of customers…to include residential, commercial and city customers. We have also had great success with many special projects ranging from solar commercial heating systems to aviation.

If you have a commercial or multi-tenant property (including mobile home communities) and interested in implementing an Active Leak Detection Program – Give us a call! We’d love to help and can offer a variety of cost effective options that will best meet your needs to including consultative advise and methods to self monitor for potential water leaks.

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