Water Main Leaks

Simply Leak Detection is equipped to locate leaks on new water service mains.

Technologies include highly sensitive ground microphones, leak correlation equipment, tracer gas and pipe mic push rods.

Pipe Mic is a new technology that uses a microphone on a pushrod that is inserted inside a water pipe to locate a hidden leak.  both the microphone and push rod can precisely located with depth readings. Our Pipe Mic is 250’ however can acquire systems up to 1000’ depending on “your” needs.

Pipe Mic is a valuable tool on any size smooth bore plastic pipe including service lines. Common service line applications will include properties requiring a leak locate that needs to be highly accurate. Examples of this may include areas of expensive hardscapes, pipes that are extra deep or directionally drilled through a hillside or high noise environments where surface microphones would otherwise be useless.

Pipe Leak Correlator Equipment

Give us a call if you have a newly installed water main that isn’t passing a final pressure test. I’d love to help you find this hidden leak fast so you can finish you project.

Whether you need help locating a leak on an existing water main, a new water main that didn’t pass a pressure test or even a service line under the right conditions…..give me a call directly to discuss.

Michael Fend
Simply Leak Detection LLC
253-886-1400 (direct)

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