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Simply Leak Detection easily located a small leak on a 600′ underground residential water pipe near Edmonds WA.


Underground water pipe leaks can be difficult to locate without the right equipment and experience. This leak was located on a nearly 600′ underground plastic water pipe near Edmonds WA. After tracing this water pipe using sonic locating equipment this leak was quickly located for repair. I additionally offered suggestions that will help manage such a long water pipe. Since this leak was located near center it makes sense to add an isolation valve at the repair site. I additionally suggested that he ask the repair contractor to save a small piece of the pipe for this homeowners future reference. Having an isolation valve in the middle of a 600′ water service will be useful if this pipe ever leaks again. With the valve turned off the meter will stop turning if a leak is on the house side of the valve. If the meter continues to spin, the leak would therefore be between the isolation valve and the meter. If by saving the piece of pipe shows that the pipe is of a poor quality then only the leaking side need replaced in the event of a future leak. Adding isolation valves is a good strategic method of adding cost management to long water services. It was a pleasure working with this homeowner too.

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