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Underground Leak on a 500′ Service

Underground water pipe leak located on a 500 foot water pipe. This water line provides water to a single family residence in Graham WA. There are several technologies that could have been used to located this leak, for example. Helium and Hydrogen are common tracer gases used to located underground water pipe leaks. Specialized gas detection tools are used to find these tracer gases above the area of the leak. A specialized microphone could have been pushed into this pipe while under pressure. This could have been a good choice however the pipe would need to be exposed first. Ultimately this leak was easily located using electronic leak detection tools and highly sensitive ground microphones. After I located this leak I marked its location with paint for repair.

It was a pleasure working with this family. I was also given a great review on Google after the locate was completed!

Michael Fend

5 Stars from this customer (copied from Google):

What can I say, he came out very friendly and very very professional. Came out on time and was honest from the beginning. Disclosed all disclosures from the beginning and i paid the price i was quoted. He was very confident in his location on the leak. So i went to town digging and I’ll be damned it was right where he said it’d be….. will recommend to everyone i know who has an underground leak. Thanks again hopefully i never need the services but if i do you’ll be the first one I’ll call.

On site video:

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Long underground water pipe with leak
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Underground water pipe leak exposed for repair