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Underground water pipe leak in Sumner WA


Water meter
underground water pipe leak somewhere between this meter and the house
Leak located beneath ashalt driveway
Underground water pipe leak accurately located beneath asphalt driveway for repair
Underground water pipe leak located for repair
Underground water pipe leak perfectly pinpointed offering a repair opportunity with minimal damage to the existing driveway.

Underground water pipe leak which was accurately located between the house and the water meter. Upon arrival this leak was calculated at a third of a gallon per minute. Though it was hopeful that this pipe leak would be located beneath the grass, it was ultimately pinpointed beneath the asphalt driveway. In follow up with the repairing contractor, he said this leak was perfectly located and the resulting repair required the least amount of damage to the existing driveway. There are many tools available today that are utilized to help locate hidden underground water pipe leaks. This underground water pipe leak was located using both electronic leak detection equipment and helium as a detectable tracer gas.

Michael Fend / President – Simply Leak Detection LLC