Common Water Leak Detection Tools

Water leak detection tools are very specialized and designed to locate hidden water pipe leaks. Much like a plumber or electrician would arrive with tools specific to these trades, a leak detection professional will arrive with the tools for this trade. 

Most Common Tools for Water Leak Detection

The most common among water leak detection tools is a microphone. These are usually extremely sensitive and can help a technician “hear” a leak that is often buried 3 or more feet deep. As you can imagine, these microphones are sensitive! Ambient noise is always a concern. The quieter a property, the better. There are many manufacturers of microphones used for this purpose.

Water Leak Detection Tools for Hidden Leaks

Water leak detection professionals may additionally use a tracer gas to help identify a leak for repair. This is used on quiet small leaks or in areas of excessive ambient noise. The tracer gas is put into a faucet or other pipe entry point at low pressure with the meter turned off. The gas will exit the pipe at the leak and is detectable with a specialized gas detector above ground. 

Common tracer gases used as water leak detection tools include both helium and hydrogen. With helium becoming more expensive and difficult to obtain, many leak detection companies are using hydrogen. The hydrogen is usually premixed to a ratio of 5% hydrogen to 95% nitrogen. This allows a traceable level of hydrogen while making its use safe and non-flammable. It’s an excellent choice for leak detection and is very safe for drinking water since water molecules already contain the element. 

Turn to a Professional for Water Leak Detection

Lastly, all leak detection professionals rely heavily on past experiences. As most tradesmen do. After many years of experience, a leak detection professional can recognize job similarities and apply the best strategies and water leak detection tools for the successful location of a leak. Contact us at Simply Leak Detection to find out more about how we can help you detect troublesome water leaks at your home or business!

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